The Spiritual Way of Not Giving a F**k

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Imagine the following:

Thunder, fury, FIRE and chaos!

That is… Imagine an incredibly violent and ruthless hurricane roaming the countryside whilst shaking the very foundation of the land beneath it. It’s twisting, turning and destroying almost everything in its path, obliterating people, houses, cars, dogs, cats, trees, gardens, flowers, lakes and many more things innumerable to even begin counting.

Can the sky be injured?

Now my question to you is this…

Can this hurricane that’s so devastating towards the earth beneath it, can this storm ever hurt the sky? Can it, so to say, injure and scar the vast open space which constitutes the sky in which the hurricane is taking place in?

The Sky Can't Be Hurt

I’m guessing you’re probably thinking: No, it probably or most definitely cannot “hurt” the sky.

If you’re somewhat intelligent you intuitively and intellectually know that the sky can’t be hurt the same way you can hurt a living organism. You cannot possibly hope to injure something so extremely subtle as space, it simply isn’t possible, and it even feels rather absurd saying that.

In other words, nothing can ever fuck with the sky, even though it can appear to do so from certain perspectives.

The nature of the sky is simply beyond all that appears in it.

Consciousness is like the sky. All things can appear in it, yet nothing can in reality blemish, hurt or scar it in any way, shape or form.


What if I told you that your essential nature is like the sky?

That is, some key features of your consciousness are very similar to some key features of the sky.

Your Consciousness is Sky-like

You might be a bit taken aback, or maybe not at all depending on your background.

Perhaps your upbringing and cultural conditioning forces you to only identify with your physical body and psychological mind. Then this statement about the sky-like nature of your consciousness might indeed come as a surprise, or at least something that you can’t so easily wrap your head around.


Well, mainly because it isn’t exactly something your grandpa, grandma, parents, siblings, friends, or even your local priest ever tells you.

Most people only regard and address you merely as a person, that is a separate self-entity, i.e. a psychologically conditioned body and mind.

But you are much vaster than this contraction and limitation of consciousness.


When you have completed reading and absorbing this rather peculiar book, you will find the following things will have changed for you:

  1. Your sense of separate self will be exposed for what it is… A fraud that is sabotaging your experience by hijacking your consciousness into thinking what isn’t real into “reality”.
  2. You will discover the difference between genuine confidence and fake confidence, the latter which seems to be what most confused people strive towards nowadays.
  3. You will discover and cultivate this supreme confidence within your own self through natural and spiritual ways.
  4. You will find that your true self is your consciousness from which all things arise out of and within. A true self that cannot be seen and cannot be known objectively but only deeply intuitively felt.
  5. You will be travelling much lighter, and your life will be flowing, glowing much brighter, or in other words, you won’t give too many fucks about most things life will throw at you.

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