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They pray to a god that wants to wipe us out, throw us in hell, kill the fucking homosexuals, destroy the majority of the planet so that all is left is a few John McCain style honkies with their feet in a river of blood, waving up at Gabriel or worshipping god.
Duncan Trussell (The Joe Rogan Experience 166, 2011)
You have to begin to ask yourself which components of my belief system are things that I arrived through naturally from my observation of nature, and which parts of them are placed into me by system that is designed to turn people into consumers, and I think more often than not that a greater percentage of your personality that would you like is not you at all. Its an tapestry that has been cleverly woven by a system designed to make people feel totally normal spending the majority of their lives driving in a commute and working in a shit job and being tired all the time.
Duncan Trussell (The Joe Rogan Experience 166, 2011)
Thought prisons are the best prisons to get into, because you have the key and you can get out.
Duncan Trussell (The Joe Rogan Experience 166, 2011)
True healing is realizing that you were never sick in the first place, true healing is realizing that you had a little bit of dust on the windshield and brush it of.
Duncan Trussell (The Joe Rogan Experience 166, 2011)
I dont want anyone having access to a nuclear arsenal that worships a god thats planning on, at some random time, blasting the planet im living on and wiping out the majority of the people, cause his pissed about what they did to his fucking hippie kid, 2000 years ago.
Duncan Trussell (The Joe Rogan Experience 166, 2011)

Duncan Trussell Biography

Duncan Trussell is an American comedian and philosopher. He is best known as a standup comedian, but has also recently amassed a loyal following on his podcast and Joe Rogan's podcast. He is known for his humour and wisdom on the internet.

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