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George Jean Nathan Quotes

Pain is often the handmaiden of ultimate accomplishment.
George Jean Nathan (Quoted in the Theatre Book of the Year, 1947 - 1948)
Love demands infinitely less than friendship.
George Jean Nathan (The Autobiography of an Attitude, 1925)
I only drink to make other people seem interesting.
George Jean Nathan (Quoting his friend)
No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched.
George Jean Nathan (The Smart Set - Volume 69, 1922)
Love is an emotion experienced by the many and enjoyed by the few.
George Jean Nathan (The Autobiography of an Attitude, 1925)
Great art is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness.
George Jean Nathan (House of Satan, 1926)
The test of a real comedian is whether you laugh at him before he opens his mouth.
George Jean Nathan (In the magazine American Mercury, 1929)
Love is the rainbow that stands out in all its glorious many-colored hues, illuminating again the dark clouds of life.
George Jean Nathan (The Intimate Notebooks of George Jean Nathan, 1931)
A life spent in constant labor is a life wasted, save a man be such a fool as to regard a fulsome obituary notice as ample reward.
George Jean Nathan (Testament of a Critic, 1931)
Politics is the pursuit of trivial men who, when they succeed at it, become important in the eyes of more trivial men.
George Jean Nathan
It is also said of me that I now and then contradict myself. Yes, I improve wonderfully as time goes on.
George Jean Nathan (The Theatre in the Fifties, 1953)
A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy.
George Jean Nathan (Quoted in The Theatre book of the year, 1950)
The great majority of married folk fail to achieve enduring happiness for the same profound reason that the great majority of bachelors and spinsters fail to achieve enduring happiness. Happiness is merely an incident in life, not life itself.
George Jean Nathan (Quoted in The Theatre World of George Jean Nathan)
It is not man's tragedy that his body grows old, but that his mind does. The arteries of happiness inevitably harden with the years. Wisdom and experience never yet have brought back the happiness of youth. When a man looks at a photograph of himself as a little boy, he sees there less himself than one who seems his own child.
George Jean Nathan (The Autobiography of an Attitude, 1925)
My code of life and conduct is simply this: work hard, play to the allowable limit, disregard equally the good and bad opinion of others, never do a friend a dirty trick, eat and drink what you feel like when you feel like, never grow indignant over anything, trust to tobacco for calm and serenity, bathe twice a day . . . learn to play at least one musical instrument and then play it only in private, never allow one's self even a passing thought of death, never contradict anyone or seek to prove anything to anyone unless one gets paid for it in cold, hard coin, live the moment to the utmost of its possibilities, treat one's enemies with polite inconsideration, avoid persons who are chronically in need, and be satisfied with life always but never with one's self.
George Jean Nathan (Testament of a Critic, 1931)

George Jean Nathan Biography

Born: February 14, 1882
Died: April 8, 1958

George Jean Nathan was an American drama critic and editor. He is best known as an editor and for his close relatios with H. L. Mencken.

Notable Works

A Book Without A Title (1918)
The Batchelor's Life (1941)
Europe After 8:15 (Co-author)

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