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Jean Paul Richter Quotes

The more sand has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.
Jean Paul
There is a joy in sorrow which none but a mourner can know.
Jean Paul
A man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another's
Jean Paul
The words that a father speaks to his children in the privacy of home are not heard by the world, but, as in whispering-galleries, they are clearly heard at the end and by posterity.
Jean Paul (Levana, 1807)
Too much trust is a foolishness, too much distrust a tragedy.
Jean Paul
Whenever, at a party, I have been in the mood to study fools, I have always looked for a great beauty: they always gather round her like flies around a fruit stall.
Jean Paul
Like the greatest virtue and the worst dogs, the fiercest hatred is silent. 
Jean Paul
Like a morning dream, life becomes more and more bright the longer we live, and the reason of everything appears more clear. What has puzzled us before seems less mysterious, and the crooked paths look straighter.
Jean Paul
The grandest of heroic deeds are those which are performed within four walls and in domestic privacy.
Jean Paul (Quoted in The Campaner Thal: And Other Writings - Forgiveness, 1864)
Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action; try to use ordinary situations.
Jean Paul
We learn our virtues from our friends who love us; our faults from the enemy who hates us. We cannot easily discover our real character from a friend. He is a mirror, on which the warmth of our breath impedes the clearness of the reflection.
Jean Paul (Quoted in the Sharpe's London magazine, 1846)
It is not the end of joy that makes old age so sad, but the end of hope.
Jean Paul
Humanity is never so beautiful as when praying for forgiveness, or else forgiving another.
Jean Paul
You prove your worth with your actions, not with your mouth.
Jean Paul
The virtues, like the body, become strong more by labor than by nourishment.
Jean Paul
Sorrows are like thunderclouds - in the distance they look black, over our heads scarcely gray. 
Jean Paul (Hesperus, 1795)
Paradise is always where love dwells.
Jean Paul
Has it never occurred to us, when surrounded by sorrows, that they may be sent to us only for our instruction, as we darken the cages of birds when we wish to teach them to sing?
Jean Paul
Lift thyself up, look. around, and see something higher and brighter than earth, earthworms, and earthly darkness.
Jean Paul
A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterwards.
Jean Paul
Cheerfulness is the atmosphere in which all things thrive.
Jean Paul
Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.
Jean Paul (Titan, 1800-1803)
Only actions give life its strength, as only moderation gives it its charm.
Jean Paul (Titan, 1800-1803)
Courage consists not in blindly overlooking danger, but in seeing it, and conquering it.
Jean Paul
There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go.
Jean Paul
Sorrows gather around great souls as storms do around mountains; but, like them, they break the storm and purify the air of the plain beneath them. 
Jean Paul

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Jean Paul Biography

Born: March 21, 1763
Died: November 14, 1825

Johann Paul Friedrich Richter was a German novelist and writer. He is best known for his humourous novels and short story writings.

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Notable Works

Siebenkäs (1796 - 1797)
Titan (1800 - 1803)
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