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Lance F. Lenahan Quotes

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Sometimes you may not know where you're going, but you do know you've already stayed to long where you're at.
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - November 6th, 2012)
Truth in the world does exist,unfortunately it's just getting harder and harder to separate it from all the bullshit!
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - November 4th, 2012)
The future, is like a dream of life yet to be lived, though sadly for some, the reality of tomorrow, will simply, never come!
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - October 22th, 2012)
Truly great men remind us, that it is not only one thing to make our own lives sublime, but our responsibility in life, to help make the lives of those around us the same
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - October 30th, 2012)
We as individuals are each unique, yet as a part of Gods collective, we shine brightly upon the landscape of all humanity.
Lance F. Lenahan
Life is only a temporary existence, spiritual evolution has a way of changing the landscape, we're only here, until we're not!
Lance F. Lenahan
Surprizingly enough as it may seem, all whom are lost, are not looking to be found!
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - October 14th, 2012)
To remain content with all around you, is to grow stagnate of thought and imagination.
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - 22th January, 2013)
We must preserve all history, for like the fading memories of the years gone past, we too will sadly one day, only be the same.
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - October 16th, 2012)
Like the eroding landscape of the Earth itself, Humanity continues to sady crumble, leaving the beauty of both, jagged and weathered
Lance F. Lenahan
Look not for the door into the treasure's of ones Heart, but for the Key, for without it, the wealth of its secret's will continue to remain a mystery.
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - 26th January, 2013)
Sometimes you may not know where you're going, but you do know you've already stayed to long where you're at.
Lance F. Lenahan (Facebook - 6th November, 2012)

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Lance F. Lenahan is awesome :) Thats all you need to know!

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