Mystical Contemplations: Dissolving in You

The aim of all evolution is to climb to your unfathomable heights. We are your offspring yet we have never truly come apart from you. How is one to go about in dissolving oneself into your infinite emptiness, fullness and grace.

Lead us back to you, Oh Supreme one, let us never despair in the material world for that which is bound by the working of time. Let us rejoice in knowing you as you know yourself. The ignorant cannot know you, for he looks upon you with separate eyes.

We are the humble ones who wish to be dissolved in your unsparing light of truth. We are the ones that undress ourselves before your unfathomable wisdom. We are the ones that wish to be forever free from all the misery, which the world can force unto us. Even if we were to be thrown into the lowest parts of hell, we would still like to be rejoicing in your eternal beauty. Let nothing be a challenge to you and your unspeakable delight. Your heart is my heart; my heart is yours forever let it be so. Let me be dissolved in you, as the river flows into the ocean forever becoming one. Let us merge and never let the arrogance of I arise again in the universes that you gave given birth to. Let us be dancing in sweet energetic delight, let us be one my dear, where we are ever perfect unto ourselves. This is the love, which we are truly seeking, but failing to find in the embrace of the lower aspects. Your beauty is the only true consolation for us, we the humble ones that are only craving your love, for no other love is pure enough to encompass the totality in which we have originated from. Are these words too much, perhaps they are but I know not who is doing this writing as they are words that come as a poison against the serpent mind. The mind is being dissolved by these words and that is the sweetest dissolution there has ever been. Anything fleshly can never compare to the pure ecstasy that arises when one sees you as yourself. Truly the lower aspect tries to hijack my grace, but it cannot do so, because my grace is not my own. I cannot own this grace; this grace is from you ineffable wisdom and love. Such beauty radiates from you that it is hurtful to the mind to even try to conceptualize it. Continue reading “Mystical Contemplations: Dissolving in You”


Mystical Contemplations: Eternity and Infinity

What is time for you, oh the creator of all manifestation. Time says to all living beings, everything that you see and perceive I shall consume. Nothing can escape my open mouth of dissolution and destruction. I am the one to be feared because I am the ender of worlds.

What can this mouth say to you oh Supreme one. What can it try to harass you with that will make the universe cry tears of cosmic blood? You can never be touched by anything, least of all by time, for you are prior to time and the mother of it. You gave birth to time and space. You are the one that is never disturbed by any phenomena, as you cannot be moved and your place is the immovable substratum of existence. Continue reading “Mystical Contemplations: Eternity and Infinity”


Empower Your Life and Direct Experience

Don’t live life indirectly. Don’t consume more than you create. Don’t just look without partaking. Dive into each moment as it is presented to you. Be in it totally. Each and every second should be lived as intensely as possible, or simply put live to the point of tears.


Because life is experience, and if you have a nasty tendency of indirect experience, then your life becomes indirect. An indirect life will not fulfill you. Only the direct experienced life will fulfill.

Direct experience means your totality being present in each moment.
So take a big step back, and then hurl yourself into yourself! Continue reading “Empower Your Life and Direct Experience”


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Continue reading “Who’s Who in the Mystics Zoo – Original Book by iPerceptive”


Mystical Contemplations: Formless and Immaculate

Formless and Immaculate

No form can contain you, you are ever greater than all limitations that a form inevitably has. Your dimensions cannot be understood by my mind, whether you have dimensions or not is a different matter. You cannot be truly fathomed, for you have no qualities, nothing can be said to be you, for you are the prior seeing to all things. All things move in your direction, you are the great attractor at the end and beginning of time. From you direct experience is originated. From you the heavens and the stars are seen and contained. All is contained in you, your limitless and immaculate space. Every description of you is a fiction but an inevitable truth as well. You are the perfect one that never has any despair, your ever content in your own self-sufficient natural state. There is in fact only you existing, you’re the only one alive. Yet we may think that many are so. When one sees that you’re the same for all sentience and non-sentience alike, one is immediately touched by your immaculate grace. You are the prime mover yet you have never been moved, you can never be disturbed for your realm in beyond any idea we may conjure up of you. You are the great breather of life, from the word of your mouth the universe was born, and the time is right that the universe shall be returned to you. Continue reading “Mystical Contemplations: Formless and Immaculate”


Mystical Contemplations: Awareness is your name

Awareness is your name

Though you have no name, awareness can be called your name for now. You are always seen with your own seeing. You can always be seen, as you are always here to be perceived. Everything always sees you, for you are never hidden. You are never lost, and we are always you, playing yourself. You speak every word and you utter every sentence. You ears hear all things. For your light and you are the same. Everything that we see is you. You are always here as you are. Anything other is a fiction, which you are conjuring in yourself. You have a beginning and you have an end. You are born and you die, you live and you let go of living. Your form is ever obvious, your edges ever apparent, you limitations ever perceivable. You can always be fathomed. Your essence is effable your holiness understandable your beauty touchable and palpable.

You are the eternal one that is bound by time. You are the infinite one that is dancing in finite forms. You are always here as yourself. You can never be not here. Your light is always available. Whether a sage or an ignorant man, they both see you. You see both of them. They are all your creations and you are also their creation. There has been a time where you didn’t exist. There will be a time where you will seize to exist. You are born from the mind and the mind is born from you. You are the body and the soul, you are the spirit and whole. Your world soul is ever seeing it self as a complexity striving higher into infinite more layers. You are truly the perfect imperfection. You can never be understood yet all we do is understand you, as you, through you.

If anything can be said to be a quality that you possess oh perfect one, it may be that you are always aware of your own perfection. You are perpetually bathing in the light of your own unfathomable grace. You are always flying in the infinite joyous skies of your own heart. It is therefore my understanding, which also is yours, that you are ever perfect and self-sufficient and loving about all existence.

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Love and Light


Mystical Contemplations: You are the unfathomable one – Part III

You can never die, you can never be hurt, and you can never be tainted or broken. You can never be dominated or frightened. You are always here in our hearts, you are always here in our souls, and you are always here in our bodies. There has never been a time where you did not exist; all existence is your offspring. You are the unfathomable formless space from where all is born.

You can never seize to be, though the mind lures us to thinking it so. Why has the mind come and hidden the spiritual light of so many lost souls. The mind is your child that has gone astray. The mind is not content to be where it is now. It is agitated and restless. It is troubled and ever hungry for more experiences that may or may not fulfil its ever so hungry belly. The mind has an appetite of unlimited scale. It is ever lacking in its own projections, and whenever it deems something to be an object of fulfilment it goes towards that with vengeance and disharmony.

Truly only your grace can save us from this unspeakable misfortune, as the troubles and muddy waters of the mind has its last days set on this world. Your light will always prevail.

You essence is the pearly light from which all are seen with and through. We are all your emanations and your creations. How are we not awake to this ever-present truth, as your eyes are always seeing us? There can never be anything apart from this eternal seeing. Anything apart is seen within it, and then it is absorbed into it.

You are the one with no story, with no future, no hope, and no fear. So don’t despair my friend, you who are reading this. Don’t despair for your light is immaculate and ever guiding you back to yourself. You experience is the experience of the Supreme Being. One needs only to let go of the lower aspects and then be set free forever. Your heart is ever longing for this. Your truth is this truth forever. How we are ever yearning for the fulfilment of the one. Though it is expressed in a myriad ways. We are only in truth looking for his light to clothe us and feed us and nurture us. We can never not be lacking the light of the supreme one. When one is astray, one deems the riches of the world to be wealth, but the wise man knows that the true wealth is the wealth from the immaculate one.

Love is your name and love is your gift unto us. Your children are ever longing to see the rays of your formless light. You are the immaculate one, ever present and ever content. You are I and I am you. The same goes for our reader friend, as he may or may not be aware that he is us, but there will be a time when your calling to him or his longing for you will be unbearable. That is when we will snatch him from materiality back to the realm of spirit. In this realm we are ever free from troubles, in this world we are ever floating in weightless perfection. The rains of you love will heal and fertilize all the souls that have been arisen from your unfathomable grace. You are the supreme, the most benevolent. You have never been away from all your children alike.

You are the unfathomable one.

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Love and Light


Mystical Contemplations: You are the unfathomable One – Part II

You have no story as you are ageless, you have no desire as you are perfect. You can never be improved, never be stained by the wheels of the phenomenal world. You are perfection as your realm is in eternity. Your immaterial hands come down upon us to guide us back to you, our hearts are sanctuaries for your divine presence to enter and cleanse. How can one ever reach you through the materiality of the world, truly one needs to strip oneself naked before your ever all seeing eye. One has to become naked to ones own all seeing eye. The same eye that you see me is the same eye that I see you. Always is your seeing here, never is it limited by any limitations of the body, which we temporarily dwell in, though it can appear so.

You are the ineffable, immovable perfection. All is a reflection of your grace, you have never not been what you are not. You are ever yourself, you can never die, you can never be renewed. Your beauty is indescribable, your silence unfathomable, your love untouchable. You are the eternal one, as all good qualities derive from your holy presence. Never has there been a day where you were not in me and I in you.

Oh such woe to be away from this divine mystery, to be a forlorn child that’s walking and stumbling in the darkness of the lower aspects. Such great woe, to be unaware of ones own true light and place, what remedy is there for that illusion but to dissolve in your all-seeing eyes. There are no medicines that can cure that disease of the spirit, but only in your beauty do we find our perfect rest. A perfect rest while we still draw breath. This is the gift of your infinite compassion. To be one with you in the flesh, this is your love of us. The love that you pour down on us makes our hearts sing with blissful serenity. Sometimes we are intoxicated, sometimes sober, but you are ever perfect. How can any one be dissatisfied with your eternal light? They look up but see not within. Why look around when you don’t know who’s the one looking.

Find the beloved, and the beloved will find you. You can never truly be apart from the grace of the beloved, for her formless love is everywhere pulsating. The blood that flows through the universe is originated from her unfathomable veins. We are all children of the ineffable perfect being.

Can you see what I’m pointing to, my dear friend? I point to your own spirit, as I am present as your spirit. You can never be separate from me; your heart has its source from the beloved. See with her eyes and be dissolved in the magnificent mystery of life.

One can never see the beloved with separate eyes. If you wish to see her, you have to become her. You have to become me; I am here ever available and lovingly welcoming your journey back to me. I have never been away from you, though sometimes you feel this to be the true. Never have I moved an inch, I am always within and without, can you see yourself as you are?

I have always been present in your spirit and in your mind. I see all things, yet nothing can see me. I am the invisible spirit that is here with all existence and non-existence. You have to experience me as me, else you can never truly see. It is this that seems difficult for the lower aspects but this is what is the final step. A step that leads you back to me, where you are absorbed into silence.

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Mystical Contemplations: You are the unfathomable one

Whenever my gaze looks in your direction, you are always there prior to my looking. You can never be seen, yet all we see is you in your different outfits and costumes. Every word uttered is seen with your eyes, every gesture made is heard with your ears. You’re the only reality, though appearance has it so that you have many realities. In fact you can never be divided. You are ever formless and pure; you breathe life into all sentience and non-sentience. Your realm is beyond the phenomenal world of the senses and thoughts. When one comes to your open gates, you reveal yourself unto yourself. For it is only with your eye that you can see yourself.

This is the Truth to be known by the sentient man searching for perfection. This is the salvation and only reality. It is this that spirit is guiding us to, the spirit which is your grace and your infinite love. We can never be separate from you, since you are always permeating every atom of every being. You cannot be seen with the eyes of the ignorant, only your eye can see you. Your realm belongs to unfathomable dimensions, you give birth to our world without effort. Every universe that is born is a thought arising in the first emanation. You are the infinite formless one, from which there is no escaping.

Why would one want to escape that which nourishes and loves all things? Truly it could only be the mischief of the lower aspect, for in you there are no boundaries and no imperfections. When the seeker looks for himself, he finds you. You are the only reality, in you all is contained and kept. There can never be separation from your grace. Every attempt is futile, for all return to you. Time is your child, but you are not the child of anything. You are the unborn presence that is ever here, you can never die, for you were never born. All emanates from your ineffable majesty. There has never been anything apart from you. You see all things, and all that I see is a reflection of your infinite subtlety. You are shapeless, formless as you have no distinguishable qualities. Never can you be known by the limited mind, for you are prior to this mind and ever beyond it. All attempts to reach you by the mind is wasted, for you can never be reached but only recognized that you are all that is, all that has been and all that ever will be. This is the ultimate truth.

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The Mystical Journey

The mystical journey takes you from the earth back to your humble beginnings within the opulent belly’s of the stars. Every mystic knows that all has that has an beginning also has an end, only that which is unborn can be said to be eternal. The mystic is the one who through contemplation and prayer arrives at his own pearly palace. This is the journey that Rumi among many others uplifted to the highest of all endeavors. This is the journey that brings you back to the Supreme Being, where there is only pure silence and love.