The love of the song

There was a sweet melody
playing from a far
Distant from all directions
so it seemed…

There is a sweet melody
playing very near
my beloved can you hear?
it is playing here.

The melody is played by immaterial hands on unfathomable infinite strings, tuned to the grace of our beloved, oh how she is listening, ever listening to us and herself. We are but a dream in her infinite imagination, truly this is so, tis so…


Three short poems

Truth sings
when the formless meets
brimming void

Colorless breeze
from sparkling blue seas
kisses the trees

Black rose
with seven red thorns
droplets of blood

Here are three short poems/haikus.

Daniel 🙂


If you ask the beloved

Two Men Contemplating the Moon

If you ask the beloved, why?
She will either make you laugh or cry.

If you ask the beloved, how?
She will tell and your knees will bow.

If you ask the beloved, when?
Now and here, as it has always been.

If you ask the beloved about love,
Like the moon, she will be silent
If you ask the beloved about joy
Like the flower, she will be silent
If you ask the beloved about heaven
Like the stars, she will be silent.

If your asking to the beloved was to end, my friend…
In silence, with her wings you would ascend and transcend.

This is yet another mystical poem dedicated to the beloved. The mystics or the buddhas of this world are in my mind, the great souls that have transcended the limits of the egoic psychological mind. They have been liberated from the chains of samsara, and it does not matter which religion or which time they lived in. Their freedom is timeless.

On a side note, I’m currently working on a project that is about the mystics of world. It will be a combination of a book/audiobook/music album where in it I will select about 6-9 mystics from different times in history. I will compose the poems and musical pieces myself and in the end have a finished products of 6-9 odes to the mystics. The project is therefore called “Odes to the Mystics” and it will be available on YouTube and on



The Lovers Way

Panoramic view of part of Orion Nebula

From silence the first word appeared
From the word ourselves disappeared.
To oblivion we seem to descend
Tis but an ancient pretend.

From silence emerges the purest love
In our hearts sings this crimson dove.
Where and why, the light does not say.
But it answers you in the lovers way.

The lovers way is subtle but sublime
Like a weightless kiss beyond the tyranny of time.
Its a pathless path that leads you straight
To your hearts nest and your truest faith.

So remember this my dearest friend,
That the beloved is here and only she can mend
Your innermost sorrows and utmost pain
By stripping you naked in golden rain.

This is a poem I wrote a couple years ago, and like most of my poems they are about the spiritual longing and union with the Supreme.



Our Beloved, a Poem

Our beloved, the timeless loves and nurtures all
Even you my dear
Though sometimes you feel so small

Our beloved, kisses and strokes our brows at night
Even you my dear
Inspiring you to remember your light.

Our beloved, sings and whispers to our shared hearts
Even you my dear
How can you ever be apart…

Poetry is a key to immediate experience and this is a poem I wrote for all human beings, with its primary sentiment being the dissolution of boundaries and the freedom of the spirit.