Don’t live life indirectly. Don’t consume more than you create. Don’t just look without partaking. Dive into each moment as it is presented to you. Be in it totally. Each and every second should be lived as intensely as possible, or simply put live to the point of tears.


Because life is experience, and if you have a nasty tendency of indirect experience, then your life becomes indirect. An indirect life will not fulfill you. Only the direct experienced life will fulfill.

Direct experience means your totality being present in each moment.
So take a big step back, and then hurl yourself into yourself!

“Life becomes rigid, stale and predictable when it is not lived through ones immediate intuition. It becomes decadent when life is not grasped with the heart but constantly analysed, reduced, filtrated and judged with the mind. Now there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the reductive tendencies of the analysing mind, in fact it is this mind that is responsible for the development of many great disciplines within science. However you can bet your life on that there is something remarkably wrong when ones subjective experience becomes hijacked by perpetual illusions, fantasies and expectations of what life should or should not be. Furthermore illusions that hinder your direct experience from actualizing, that is by giving way to indirect experience.”

– Excerpt taken from The Door of Direct Experience  (Daniel Seeker)

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