If you ask the beloved, why?
She will either make you laugh or cry.

If you ask the beloved, how?
She will tell and your knees will bow.

If you ask the beloved, when?
Now and here, as it has always been.

If you ask the beloved about love,
Like the moon, she will be silent
If you ask the beloved about joy
Like the flower, she will be silent
If you ask the beloved about heaven
Like the stars, she will be silent.

If your asking to the beloved was to end, my friend…
In silence, with her wings you would ascend and transcend.

This is yet another mystical poem dedicated to the beloved. The mystics or the buddhas of this world are in my mind, the great souls that have transcended the limits of the egoic psychological mind. They have been liberated from the chains of samsara, and it does not matter which religion or which time they lived in. Their freedom is timeless.

On a side note, I’m currently working on a project that is about the mystics of world. It will be a combination of a book/audiobook/music album where in it I will select about 6-9 mystics from different times in history. I will compose the poems and musical pieces myself and in the end have a finished products of 6-9 odes to the mystics. The project is therefore called “Odes to the Mystics” and it will be available on YouTube and on iPerceptive.com


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