IOFD: Courage from Within

Inspiration of the Day:
The difference of a man who acts and one who does not act in certain situations could be one of the definitions of courage.
It could also be defined as maintaining an even mind when the going gets rough. Embracing the fear that is accompanied with the hazards of the circumstances is truly the marvelous thing about courage. Overcoming the strong emotions and taking full control of your entire being and directing your mind to whatever of importance.

It is widely and rightly so, judged as one of the great virtues… Courage is something we all desire. To be brave when the will of others falter. To be strong for the ones you love, when being strong is more difficult than ever..
I believe that there is strength in every man. If it’s truly summoned from within, the strength will manifest itself. Strength that will even surprise the individual. We have all read/seen/heard about great feats of bravery. Where some individuals just overwhelm the rest of the world by their actions. Actions that seem too difficult to even contemplate for the surrounding populace. But we know it exists, and I say it exists within all. It only hasn’t been discovered.


Source of Inspiration:
QOTD by Euripides

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