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Here are the three current books out by iPerceptive!

Contemplations of a Mystic
Contemplations of a Mystic
Who's who in the Mystics Zoo
Who’s who in the Mystics Zoo
The Door of Direct Experience
The Door of Direct Experience











You might have noticed, if in fact there is any one truly reading this, that I’m quite ambitious in creating this website into a great community where the empowerment of ones own direct experience is the goal, which in turn means the fulfilment of ones life.

I’m currently working on multiple books simultaneously, and in truth it doesn’t really feel like work, because everything is just pouring out of me. They are in other words being written by themselves, on topics that I’m very familiar and intimate with. Topics like those mentioned above.

Hopefully spiritual seekers can in some way benefit from these books, and if that happens to be the case, I will consider that as an accomplishment for my quest on this world, if I had any to begin with. If I would to describe my quest I would say that it would be primarily to spread the light of direct experience.

Love and Light

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