Life is a dance, and sometimes we fall out of rhythm with it. The dance has been going on for a very long time, even when biological life wasn’t established on the planet, the dance was still going on. It has always been going on, its the nature of the universe to be dancing about. The universe is characterized by movement, life even more so. There is constant movement in the phenomenal world, everything is moving about according to its own spontaneous law. Everything has its melody that it moves to, including you the reader of this strange text.

That being said, amidst all this movement there lies a subtle silence, of which when you become fascinated by its essence, it reveals more of its silence and subtletly to you. I am speaking about the substratum of all movement that is appearing as life and the universe.

The substratum is simply the underlying base which all things report to, this is what I’m pointing to. Can you find this subtle reality within your own experience?

Do you even want to?

If not, why?

If you do, why?

The silence will give you nothing but your own self. Do you want to know your own self, as it truly is? Do you have the desire for it?

I sure did, and it sure as heaven revealed myself unto itself.

Whomever you are dear reader, do you know of what I speak of?

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