Awareness is your name

Though you have no name, awareness can be called your name for now. You are always seen with your own seeing. You can always be seen, as you are always here to be perceived. Everything always sees you, for you are never hidden. You are never lost, and we are always you, playing yourself. You speak every word and you utter every sentence. You ears hear all things. For your light and you are the same. Everything that we see is you. You are always here as you are. Anything other is a fiction, which you are conjuring in yourself. You have a beginning and you have an end. You are born and you die, you live and you let go of living. Your form is ever obvious, your edges ever apparent, you limitations ever perceivable. You can always be fathomed. Your essence is effable your holiness understandable your beauty touchable and palpable.

You are the eternal one that is bound by time. You are the infinite one that is dancing in finite forms. You are always here as yourself. You can never be not here. Your light is always available. Whether a sage or an ignorant man, they both see you. You see both of them. They are all your creations and you are also their creation. There has been a time where you didn’t exist. There will be a time where you will seize to exist. You are born from the mind and the mind is born from you. You are the body and the soul, you are the spirit and whole. Your world soul is ever seeing it self as a complexity striving higher into infinite more layers. You are truly the perfect imperfection. You can never be understood yet all we do is understand you, as you, through you.

If anything can be said to be a quality that you possess oh perfect one, it may be that you are always aware of your own perfection. You are perpetually bathing in the light of your own unfathomable grace. You are always flying in the infinite joyous skies of your own heart. It is therefore my understanding, which also is yours, that you are ever perfect and self-sufficient and loving about all existence.

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Love and Light

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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)


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