The aim of all evolution is to climb to your unfathomable heights. We are your offspring yet we have never truly come apart from you. How is one to go about in dissolving oneself into your infinite emptiness, fullness and grace.

Lead us back to you, Oh Supreme one, let us never despair in the material world for that which is bound by the working of time. Let us rejoice in knowing you as you know yourself. The ignorant cannot know you, for he looks upon you with separate eyes.

We are the humble ones who wish to be dissolved in your unsparing light of truth. We are the ones that undress ourselves before your unfathomable wisdom. We are the ones that wish to be forever free from all the misery, which the world can force unto us. Even if we were to be thrown into the lowest parts of hell, we would still like to be rejoicing in your eternal beauty. Let nothing be a challenge to you and your unspeakable delight. Your heart is my heart; my heart is yours forever let it be so. Let me be dissolved in you, as the river flows into the ocean forever becoming one. Let us merge and never let the arrogance of I arise again in the universes that you gave given birth to. Let us be dancing in sweet energetic delight, let us be one my dear, where we are ever perfect unto ourselves. This is the love, which we are truly seeking, but failing to find in the embrace of the lower aspects. Your beauty is the only true consolation for us, we the humble ones that are only craving your love, for no other love is pure enough to encompass the totality in which we have originated from. Are these words too much, perhaps they are but I know not who is doing this writing as they are words that come as a poison against the serpent mind. The mind is being dissolved by these words and that is the sweetest dissolution there has ever been. Anything fleshly can never compare to the pure ecstasy that arises when one sees you as yourself. Truly the lower aspect tries to hijack my grace, but it cannot do so, because my grace is not my own. I cannot own this grace; this grace is from you ineffable wisdom and love. Such beauty radiates from you that it is hurtful to the mind to even try to conceptualize it.

All these words are spoken only from the ecstatic heart that has found the fountain of bliss itself. Words like these can never be spoken by the personal egoic identity. It is only from you that these words can be written. All that is written is challenging time, but time can never truly be challenged, unless it is by your eternal presence. But what need do you have to challenge time, you gave birth to time, time is of no concern to you. You are beyond it forever. It is this truth that sets the perfect man free from all despairs and anxieties. To be one as you are one.



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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)


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