What is time for you, oh the creator of all manifestation. Time says to all living beings, everything that you see and perceive I shall consume. Nothing can escape my open mouth of dissolution and destruction. I am the one to be feared because I am the ender of worlds.

What can this mouth say to you oh Supreme one. What can it try to harass you with that will make the universe cry tears of cosmic blood? You can never be touched by anything, least of all by time, for you are prior to time and the mother of it. You gave birth to time and space. You are the one that is never disturbed by any phenomena, as you cannot be moved and your place is the immovable substratum of existence.

It is this that most people fail to grasp in their lifetimes. They are so busy looking and shopping outwardly that they fail to see the limitless light that is within them every second of their interval here on this earth. They look for answers in time, whereas the sage knows the true place of time in the existence that you have bestowed upon us. Time is your child, yet they adore and praise and fear it more than they aware of your eternal and loving grace. We have all failed to see you, you are the ever-present one, whereas the lower aspect is a disharmony in our earthly lives. We are your children; you are our father and mother. In truth you can never be ascribed as to have any sex, because you are beyond male or female. You are formless and immaculate, nothing can be truly ascribed to you. You can never die, oh dear unborn graceful one. Your light is the greatest of all the lights in the heavens. It is from your grace that they have their source. All the universes in the totality cannot exist without your light to exist there prior. You are the breather of all life into all void and existence. You are the one that has created the world, and it is you that are living the lives that we arrogantly claim as our own. No one can see you, only you can see yourself.

This stirs my heart and asks the timeless question, how does one truly become dissolved in this seeing in which only you remain and where all other illusions fade away in the background and foreground of you. This is the question. This is the seekers question.

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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)


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