Formless and Immaculate

No form can contain you, you are ever greater than all limitations that a form inevitably has. Your dimensions cannot be understood by my mind, whether you have dimensions or not is a different matter. You cannot be truly fathomed, for you have no qualities, nothing can be said to be you, for you are the prior seeing to all things. All things move in your direction, you are the great attractor at the end and beginning of time. From you direct experience is originated. From you the heavens and the stars are seen and contained. All is contained in you, your limitless and immaculate space. Every description of you is a fiction but an inevitable truth as well. You are the perfect one that never has any despair, your ever content in your own self-sufficient natural state. There is in fact only you existing, you’re the only one alive. Yet we may think that many are so. When one sees that you’re the same for all sentience and non-sentience alike, one is immediately touched by your immaculate grace. You are the prime mover yet you have never been moved, you can never be disturbed for your realm in beyond any idea we may conjure up of you. You are the great breather of life, from the word of your mouth the universe was born, and the time is right that the universe shall be returned to you.

All is you and you are all, how can anyone deny this truth? Who could stand apart from you and proclaim any other than this? What arrogance could that possibly be? We are all your forms that you have given life into. You are the perfect one, from you all grace is showered down. You are the immovable prime mover. The alpha and omega, never has there been anything that wasn’t you.

You are the eternal principle, all report to your all-seeing eye. Every sensation is your product and your creation. How can anyone deny this? Formless and immaculate is your presence, you can never be fathomed, and you are beyond our conceptual imagination or understanding.

Has there ever been anything other than you? Perhaps, but I feel it not to be so. I feel that your beauty is the only beauty that has ever existed. Your sorrow the only sorrow, your joy the only joy, your love the only love, your despair the only despair… You are the prisoner and the guard, the king and the beggar, the nobleman and the farmer, the wife and the whore, the angel and the demon, the light and the dark, the grace and the arrogance. All are your expressions though you are never fully invested or mixed with them. They all arise out of your unfathomable generosity and grace, but we know not this truth to be true. We have false idols thrown at us by false mediums. Your light is the ever present and pure light. All goodness is from your compassion, sanctity and holiness. You have never been apart from us, though we sometimes feel so distanced by your love. You have never judged us, though we judge ourselves and dare sometimes judge you too.

Where has this ignorance and illusion sprung from? It is you but at the same time it isn’t you, you are never the one that is arrogant yet you allow all arrogance to manifest, you are never the murderer yet you allow all injustice to appear, you are never the lover or the beloved, yet you allow all earthly love to appear. You allow all things to happen and you are ever detached form their outcomes. You have no interest in the phenomenal because your realm is beyond in the formless sphere of pure existence.

Love and Light
Daniel Seeker

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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)


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