You have no story as you are ageless, you have no desire as you are perfect. You can never be improved, never be stained by the wheels of the phenomenal world. You are perfection as your realm is in eternity. Your immaterial hands come down upon us to guide us back to you, our hearts are sanctuaries for your divine presence to enter and cleanse. How can one ever reach you through the materiality of the world, truly one needs to strip oneself naked before your ever all seeing eye. One has to become naked to ones own all seeing eye. The same eye that you see me is the same eye that I see you. Always is your seeing here, never is it limited by any limitations of the body, which we temporarily dwell in, though it can appear so.

You are the ineffable, immovable perfection. All is a reflection of your grace, you have never not been what you are not. You are ever yourself, you can never die, you can never be renewed. Your beauty is indescribable, your silence unfathomable, your love untouchable. You are the eternal one, as all good qualities derive from your holy presence. Never has there been a day where you were not in me and I in you.

Oh such woe to be away from this divine mystery, to be a forlorn child that’s walking and stumbling in the darkness of the lower aspects. Such great woe, to be unaware of ones own true light and place, what remedy is there for that illusion but to dissolve in your all-seeing eyes. There are no medicines that can cure that disease of the spirit, but only in your beauty do we find our perfect rest. A perfect rest while we still draw breath. This is the gift of your infinite compassion. To be one with you in the flesh, this is your love of us. The love that you pour down on us makes our hearts sing with blissful serenity. Sometimes we are intoxicated, sometimes sober, but you are ever perfect. How can any one be dissatisfied with your eternal light? They look up but see not within. Why look around when you don’t know who’s the one looking.

Find the beloved, and the beloved will find you. You can never truly be apart from the grace of the beloved, for her formless love is everywhere pulsating. The blood that flows through the universe is originated from her unfathomable veins. We are all children of the ineffable perfect being.

Kinderreigen by Carl Massmann

Can you see what I’m pointing to, my dear friend? I point to your own spirit, as I am present as your spirit. You can never be separate from me; your heart has its source from the beloved. See with her eyes and be dissolved in the magnificent mystery of life.

One can never see the beloved with separate eyes. If you wish to see her, you have to become her. You have to become me; I am here ever available and lovingly welcoming your journey back to me. I have never been away from you, though sometimes you feel this to be the true. Never have I moved an inch, I am always within and without, can you see yourself as you are?

I have always been present in your spirit and in your mind. I see all things, yet nothing can see me. I am the invisible spirit that is here with all existence and non-existence. You have to experience me as me, else you can never truly see. It is this that seems difficult for the lower aspects but this is what is the final step. A step that leads you back to me, where you are absorbed into silence.

This excerpt was taken from one of iPerceptive’s original works, namely the short collection of mystical contemplations by Seeker in “Contemplations of a Mystic”.

If you are curious to what exactly mysticism is, these two books below will guide you!

Contemplations of a Mystic   

Daniel Seeker

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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)


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