Hello friends!

I wanted to take a little time to write about a new upcoming project I have been working on lately, a project which I have given the title “Odes to the Mystics” or just “Odes”. In this new feature on the website I will reveal and put myself, the creator of the iPerceptive website, out there by creating original music and poetry. This is something that I see as a necessary step to make iPerceptive grow even further, and thus spreading the light of direct experience even more. Since I can’t compete with the other quotations websites when it comes to quantity, I’ll try to go the qualitative path towards the summit. I am after all just one guy who made this whole site out of a passion for wisdom 🙂

Moving on, this first volume of Odes will be an homage to the mystics of the world, and I’ve made a preliminary list of 8-9 individuals whose works and lives I will read and absorb, and after that write songs for.

The list so far contains 9 mystics separated by time and space but united in existential and spiritual contemplations:

  1. Heraclitus (6-5th century BCE) (Greece, Asia Minor)
  2. Zhuang Zhou (4-3rd century BCE) (China)
  3. Plotinus (3rd century) (Greece, Rome)
  4. Omar Khayyam (11-12th century) (Persia)
  5. Meister Eckhart (13-14th century) (Germany)
  6. Kabir (15th century) (India)
  7. William Blake (18-19th century) (England)
  8. Khalil Gibran (19th-20th century)  (Lebanon)
  9. Simone Weil (20th century) (France, Jewish)

Note that the list is preliminary and can come to change in the near future, depending on the feels I get for each ode I write to these beautiful souls.

The purpose of this is to simply sing about their lives, their way of expressing themselves and their individual and collective journey to the “highest” state of consciousness. This is something I look forward for very much, and I can say that I will release the Odes on this blog, the youtube channel and perhaps when I am done with all the songs as an album on iTunes.

But for the time being have fun and stay strong!


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