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5 William Blake Quotes on Love, Art and Eternity

Born: November 28, 1757 Died: August 12, 1827 illiam Blake was an English poet and painter. Although he wasn't quite so popular during his days, his works are now greatly esteemed. He has also had an major influence on many notable figures in...

Plotinus Quotes on Beauty and the Divine

Born: 204 Died: 270 lotinus was an ancient Greek philosopher. He is best known for being one of the first neoplatonists. His philosophy has been highly influential in various philosophical traditions. eauty is established in...

4 Awe-Inspiring Quotes by Helen Keller

Born: June 27, 1880 Died: June 1, 1968 elen Keller was an American author, activist and educator. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in America. When she was a little child she lost her sight and hearing, and for...

5 Beautiful Alice Walker Quotes

Born: February 9, 1944 lice Walker is an African American author, civil rights activist and poet. She is most widely known for writing the highly praised and Pulitzer Prize winner book, The Color Purple. Here below I've listed five quotes which I...

4 Fascinating Franz Kafka Quotes

Born: July 3, 1883 Died: June 3, 1924 ranz Kafka was an Austrian-Hungarian novelist. Although much of his work wasn't finished before his death, he still was and is considered to be one of the best writers in the 20th century. Here below I've...

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