The Power of Presence: 15 Reasons Why You Should Live More as Presence and Less as Person

St Francis Chariot of Fire - The Power of Presence

Yes, you read it right! I have 15 compelling reasons why you should ditch living life through the lens of personhood and adopt your original nature of presence instead. Your original consciousness, unblemished by thoughts, moods and volatile feelings is always readily awaiting your journey back to it. Living life as a person can be quite […]

iPerceptive Books

Here are current books out by Daniel Seeker, the creator of iPerceptive! Have a peek! 🙂

You might have noticed, if in fact there is any one truly reading this, that I’m quite ambitious in creating this website into a great community where the empowerment of ones own direct experience is the goal, which in turn means the fulfilment of ones life.

I’ve written a handful of rather short books, which primarily focus on living life more directly and the magnificent tradition of mysticism.

Hopefully spiritual seekers can in some way benefit from these books, and if that happens to be the case, I will consider that as an accomplishment for my quest on this world, if I had any to begin with.

This site is all about wisdom, direct experience and mysticism. Three words that in truth are the same.

Love and Light


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