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Don’t fall a victim to indirect and unfulfilling experiences, since life is experience and experience is life, this book focuses on to empower your direct experience. Its sole quest is to bring your attention and awareness to your immediate experience.

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Let us just for a moment contemplate the possibility of only you existing. That is to say that your subjective reality alone is what exists. Anything external or anything that is considered to be objective is merely a thought that appears in your consciousness.

Is this contemplation a mere fiction or could it be true? In other words, is it true that the objective world exists and then you the subject, or is it truer that first you the subject exists then the world. In this book I will propose the latter, i.e. you exist and then the world arises.

“All realities and all sentience have their origins in a subject that is there to perceive them.”

Though ones own or other people’s thoughts may furiously argue with this statement or maybe some would even go so far as to consider it to be arrogant. That being said, when one truly contemplates and entertains this thought, nothing can in reality oppose this fundamental truth of existence. Namely that all realities and all sentience have their origins in a subject that is there to perceive them.

The main theme of this book circulates therefore around this following statement: life is indistinguishable from experience and the more directly you live your experience, the more fulfilled you shall be as a human being.

This book will attempt to work as a clear, concise and powerful tool for you the reader to embark on a journey towards more directly experiencing your reality, and hopefully help you in some profound way to transcend the tendency towards indirect experience. This may sound unclear or even contradictory to you at this point, but that may change soon, or not, because paradoxes is a great way of bringing your attention back to your direct experience.

“The fundamental truth of the subjective based consciousness is something that is not sufficiently acknowledged.”

Before we get started however I would make a brief and somewhat feisty comment on how I see the whole of human society. From my perspective the whole of modern society has seemingly agreed to be obsessed with this narrative of the psychological mind and intellect. All the educative systems, especially universities and the higher educations have precisely this as their preoccupation, but I dare say they are leaving something crucial out while being hypnotized by the apparent spectacles of the mind. What they are missing from their educational formula is the conscious aiding in the fulfilment of the individual through the empowerment of her direct experience. The fundamental truth of the subjective based consciousness is something that is not sufficiently acknowledged, recognized and therefore not cultivated by the educative system. I view this as a great existential misfortune for not only students and teachers but also the entire populace in that given society, a misfortune most people are likely unaware of.

Academicians could be people who possess a plethora of knowledge but could simultaneously be seen as lacking insight when considering the possibility of most of them being out of touch with their own direct experience.

Why would I consider them less insightful, you may ask? Well because they are navigating the world chiefly through the paradigm that the intellect and the reductive mind incessantly gives birth to.

What I propose therefore is to first and foremost reclaim ones mind from the clutches of conditionings and ideology, and then dissolve it in ones direct experience.

Why direct experience?

Find out!

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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)


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