The tears of my beloved, swept by my heart furiously tonight
The fears that were uncovered, from this crystal clear sight.

She said unto me, rise my child rise. As I was mesmerised by the unfathomable beauty that her eyes projected unto this reality. She dances within me as me, through me. Tell me traveler, who has the ears to hear these words?

Only one who’s heart longs for the graceful touch of the beloved’s silken hands. It is known that rich men cannot enter the gates of heaven, but am I not wealthy when I have witnessed the grace of the beloved? People say this wealth is of a different kind, I’m not sure If I dare comply. You say that the wealth I speak of has limitations? When you denote it to be less in a different aspect from materiality?. How can I comply with these barbarous claims. Wealth is my heart’s abode, and my heart’s abode is my wealth. The bridal chamber is ever here in perfect condition waiting the arrival of the lover. The source which permeates all deems it so.

Truly, this beauty is the greatest wealth one can behold. Granted it cannot be possessed for that would blacken the lovely light. It is not my wealth, but the wealth of the beloved. I cannot own the grace of my beloved, I cannot make an product of the beloved’s infinite love, though my mind sometimes wishes to do so.

Words fail to describe the serenity and joy of the discovery of the absolute. The supreme being is all-pervasive, ever-free and eternally happy. The Dao lacks nothing yet it still gives birth to all worlds. Its overflowing with love gave rise to the myriad of universes.

Truly it is so, tis is so..

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