I’ve had this idea for a while now, an idea to somehow make direct experience into an product. If you have read my books on mysticism and direct experience, you’ll probably know that the most important thing in a persons life I consider to be the empowerment of direct experience.

Direct experience simply means an immediate perpetual contact with your reality without any disturbances from your psychological mind.

Now that brings us to the idea of making this experience into an product. I for the life of me can’t figure out anything that will earnestly fulfill this idea. It seems impossible, because direct experience is not an object that is given. It is merely a pointing out and a recognition. How can I create a product of a recognition of experience, a something which is indeed already in your “possession”.

Since I want to be able to make a living online, which is one of my goals if I have any, I just played around with these thoughts just to see where they lead. I’m not really sure where they truly will end up. I guess iPerceptive as an website can become some sort of a product or service that empowers you as an individual, but this will need some refinement in order to be successful.

How can I turn iPerceptive or maybe an product from iPerceptive that shares direct experience into a success? If you have any ideas! Tell me, I’m dying to know!

P. S. If you haven’t read my book The Door of Direct Experience, make sure you do! Thats my first attempt of creating an “product” that empowers direct experience.

Heres the link! Click me!


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