Who’s Who in the Mystics Zoo – Original Book by iPerceptive

It is here at last!

The book the universe has been waiting for. The enlightened hippopotamus has arrived to save our souls from samsara!

This is a original book written by Daniel Seeker, the creator of the iPerceptive website. It’s an humorous adventure that explores topics such as mysticism, enlightenment, waking up and truth. In this short book, the famous enlightened hippo is your spiritual guide to the mystical experience. Take a peek, but beware! You might get enlightened!

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Here are some Quotes taken from the book

Join me and lets dance across the shores of infinity and beyond.

I never could really tell where my ranting began and where it ended.

The mystic was an average Joe who one day fell out of a hole from the universe into a sacred silence that permeates the entire cosmos.

Daniel Seeker is not a mystic but when he shape shifts into the hippopotamus that wrote this book he indeed becomes one.

If this sounds too mystical, don’t worry, hopefully soon you’ll be a mystic hippo like us and you will know exactly of what I’m speaking of!

Daniel Seeker (Who’s Who in the Mystics Zoo, 2017)


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