It is here at last!

The book the universe has been waiting for. The enlightened hippopotamus has arrived to save our souls from samsara!

“The mystic is not a person, and a person cannot be a mystic. The mystic was a person but something internal was dissolved and regenerated into some kind of an impersonal presence instead. A presence which is not less alive than the person it replaced, oh no, in truth it is much more vast in its expressions and much more alive and existent than the person. The word person comes from the Greek ‘persona’ and was used to refer to the masks that actors had while acting on the stage. The mystic has no interest in masking himself; his quest is rather the complete opposite, that is to say the total unrevealing of his own true self.


Now I wouldn’t be surprised if you would be like, Daniel! What on earth does that exactly mean? I beg to differ, not what on earth does this mean but what on the glorious dancehalls of the cosmos does that mean. Well to answer that, lets just say that the mystic has somehow realized a different way of navigating the universe than you currently do, that is if you are in fact a person and not a mystic, which I for the life of me couldn’t know in a million years and that troubles me a teeny tiny bit… However moving on (serious face), the mystic is someone who has seen his original face (no pun intended) and fallen completely in love with it. She has been wholly dissolved and absorbed in its supreme grace and beauty.”

Excerpt from the book

This is a original book written by Daniel Seeker, the creator of the iPerceptive website. It’s an humorous adventure that explores topics such as mysticism, enlightenment, waking up and truth. In this short book, the famous enlightened hippo is your spiritual guide to the mystical experience. Its free, so take a peek, but beware! You might get enlightened!



I hope you enjoy it and learn something priceless as you do!

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Daniel Seeker

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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)