You can never die, you can never be hurt, and you can never be tainted or broken. You can never be dominated or frightened. You are always here in our hearts, you are always here in our souls, and you are always here in our bodies. There has never been a time where you did not exist; all existence is your offspring. You are the unfathomable formless space from where all is born.

You can never seize to be, though the mind lures us to thinking it so. Why has the mind come and hidden the spiritual light of so many lost souls. The mind is your child that has gone astray. The mind is not content to be where it is now. It is agitated and restless. It is troubled and ever hungry for more experiences that may or may not fulfil its ever so hungry belly. The mind has an appetite of unlimited scale. It is ever lacking in its own projections, and whenever it deems something to be an object of fulfilment it goes towards that with vengeance and disharmony.

Truly only your grace can save us from this unspeakable misfortune, as the troubles and muddy waters of the mind has its last days set on this world. Your light will always prevail.

You essence is the pearly light from which all are seen with and through. We are all your emanations and your creations. How are we not awake to this ever-present truth, as your eyes are always seeing us? There can never be anything apart from this eternal seeing. Anything apart is seen within it, and then it is absorbed into it.

You are the one with no story, with no future, no hope, and no fear. So don’t despair my friend, you who are reading this. Don’t despair for your light is immaculate and ever guiding you back to yourself. You experience is the experience of the Supreme Being. One needs only to let go of the lower aspects and then be set free forever. Your heart is ever longing for this. Your truth is this truth forever. How we are ever yearning for the fulfilment of the one. Though it is expressed in a myriad ways. We are only in truth looking for his light to clothe us and feed us and nurture us. We can never not be lacking the light of the supreme one. When one is astray, one deems the riches of the world to be wealth, but the wise man knows that the true wealth is the wealth from the immaculate one.

Love is your name and love is your gift unto us. Your children are ever longing to see the rays of your formless light. You are the immaculate one, ever present and ever content. You are I and I am you. The same goes for our reader friend, as he may or may not be aware that he is us, but there will be a time when your calling to him or his longing for you will be unbearable. That is when we will snatch him from materiality back to the realm of spirit. In this realm we are ever free from troubles, in this world we are ever floating in weightless perfection. The rains of you love will heal and fertilize all the souls that have been arisen from your unfathomable grace. You are the supreme, the most benevolent. You have never been away from all your children alike.

You are the unfathomable one.

This excerpt was taken from one of iPerceptive’s original works, namely the short collection of mystical contemplations by Seeker in “Contemplations of a Mystic”.

Love and Light
Daniel Seeker

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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)


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