Whenever my gaze looks in your direction, you are always there prior to my looking. You can never be seen, yet all we see is you in your different costumes. Every word uttered is seen with your eyes, every gesture made is heard with your ears. You’re the only reality, though appearance has it so that you have many realities. In fact you can never be divided. You are ever formless and pure; you breathe life into all sentience and non-sentience alike. Your realm is beyond the phenomenal world of the senses and thoughts. When one comes to your open gates, you reveal yourself unto yourself. For it is only with your eye that you can see yourself.

This is the Truth to be known by the sentient man searching for perfection. This is the salvation and only reality. It is this that spirit is guiding us to, the spirit which is your grace and your infinite love. We can never be separate from you, since you are always permeating every atom of every being. You cannot be seen with the eyes of the ignorant, only your eye can see you. Your realm belongs to unfathomable dimensions, you give birth to our world without effort. Every universe that is born is a thought arising in the first emanation. You are the infinite formless one, from which there is no escaping.

Why would one want to escape that which nourishes and loves all things? Truly it could only be the mischief of the lower aspect, for in you there are no boundaries and no imperfections. When the seeker looks for himself, he finds you. You are the only reality, in you all is contained and kept. There can never be separation from your grace. Every attempt is futile, for all return to you. Time is your child, but you are not the child of anything. You are the unborn presence that is ever here, you can never die, for you were never born. All emanates from your ineffable majesty. There has never been anything apart from you. You see all things, and all that I see is a reflection of your infinite subtlety. You are shapeless, formless as you have no distinguishable qualities. Never can you be known by the limited mind, for you are prior to this mind and ever beyond it. All attempts to reach you by the mind is wasted, for you can never be reached but only recognized that you are all that is, all that has been and all that ever will be. This is the ultimate truth.

This excerpt was taken from one of iPerceptive’s original works, namely the short collection of mystical contemplations by Seeker in “Contemplations of a Mystic”.

If you are curious to what exactly mysticism is, these two books below will guide you!

Contemplations of a Mystic   

Love and Light
Daniel Seeker

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"And I say to any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
Walt Whitman 
in Leaves of Grass (1855)


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