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Nepali Proverbs

Something is better than nothing.
Nepali Proverb
Fool and money are soon parted.
Nepali Proverb
Opportunity comes but does not linger.
Nepali Proverb
Dark clouds do not always rain.
Nepali Proverb
A speaker needs no tools.
Nepali Proverb
The one who is guilty has the higher voice.
Nepali Proverb
One who doesn't know how to dance says the floor is crooked.
Nepali Proverb
Bad loans can be paid but bad times cannot be repaired.
Nepali Proverb
One sided treatment do not last long.
Nepali Proverb
Depend on others and you'll go hungry.
Nepali Proverb
It is the mind that wins or loses.
Nepali Proverb
Who cares after death.
Nepali Proverb
Fruits of labor are always sweet.
Nepali Proverb
Looking for fire while carrying a lamp.
Nepali Proverb
Wealth is both an enemy and a friend.
Nepali Proverb

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