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D Authors

Description Life  
D. H. Lawrence English Novelist, Poet and Writer 1885 - 1930
Dalai Lama Spiritual Leader 1935
Dale Carnegie American Writer 1888 - 1955
Daniel Defoe English Writer and Journalist 1660 - 1731
Daniel Seker Creator of iPerceptive 50000 BCE - Ad Infinitum
David Hume Scottish Philosopher, Historian and Writer 1711 - 1776
Top quotes by David Hume
Democritus Greek Philosopher 460 BCE - 370 BCE  
Demosthenes Greek Orator and Statesman 384 BCE - 322 BCE  
Denis Diderot French Philosopher and Writer 1713 - 1784
Top quotes by Denis Diderot
Desiderius Erasmus Dutch Priest, Theologian and Humanist 1466 - 1536
Doris Day American Actress, Musician and Activist 1924  
Douglas Adams English Writer and Dramatist 1952 - 2001
Dr. Seuss American Writer and Poet 1904 - 1991
Duncan Trussell American Comedian and Philosopher    
Dwight D. Eisenhower American President 1890 - 1969  

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Khalil Gibran
Miyamoto Musashi
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