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My Beloved is always with me.
Rabia al-Basri (8th century)
Patience is the key to happiness.
Rumi (The Masnavi - Book III, Story XI, 1258 - 1273)
The thoughtful Soul to Solitude retires.
Omar Khayyam (The Rubaiyat - LXIV, 1120)
From each, love demands a mystic silence.
Attar of Nishapur (Intoxicated by the Wine of Love)
Lovers are killed by those they love so well; No voices from the slain return.
Saadi Shirazi (Bustan, 1257)
For I have learned that
every heart will get
What it prays for
Hafez (The Subject Tonight is Love)
When in the eyes of the beloved riches count not, gold and dust are as one to thee.
Saadi Shirazi (If One of His Praise of Me Would Learn, 13th century)
My friend, the sufi is the friend of the present moment. To say tomorrow is not our way.
Rumi (The Masnavi - Book I, Story I, 1258 - 1273)
For a day, just for one day, Talk about that which disturbs no one And bring some peace into your Beautiful eyes.
Hafez (The Gift)
The Sea
Will be the Sea
Whatever the drop's philosophy.
Attar of Nishapur
Happy are the days of them that are infatuated by love for him, whether they be sorrowed by separation from Him or made joyous by His presence.
Saadi Shirazi (Bustan, 1257)
Strange - is it not? - that of the myriads who Before us passed the door of Darkness through, Not one returns to tell us of the road Which to discover we must travel too.
Omar Khayyam (The Rubaiyat - LXIV, 1120)
The sun has set, its flush only is left.
I’ll give my life for a glimpse of you.
My fault: I came not when when you bade
Your love has made me dance like mad.
Bulleh Shah (Tere Ishq Nachaya)
I sent my Soul through the Invisible,
Some letter of that After-life to spell:
And by and by my Soul return'd to me,
And answer'd "I Myself am Heav'n and Hell:"
Omar Khayyam (The Rubaiyat - LXIV, 1120)
O I have two ways of loving You: a selfish one and another way that is worthy of You. In my selfish love, I remember You alone. In that other love, You lift the veil and let me feast my eyes on Your living face.
Rabia al-Basri (8th century)
O Allah! If I worship You for fear of Hell, burn me in Hell,
and if I worship You in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise.
But if I worship You for Your Own sake,
grudge me not Your everlasting Beauty.
Rabia al-Basri (8th century)
Of what utility are the rich, If they are clouds of August, And do not rain upon any one; Or the foundation of the sun, And do not give light to anyone;
Saadi Shirazi (Gulistan, 1258)
Lift the veil
that obscures
the heart
and there
you will find
what you are
looking for
Kabir (Dohas of Kabir)
You alone exist; I do not, O Beloved!
You alone exist, I do not!
Like the shadow of a house in ruins,
I revolve in my own mind
If I speak, you speak with me:
If I am silent, you are in my mind
If I sleep, you sleep with me:
If I walk, you are along my path
Oh Bulleh, the spouse has come to my house:
My life is a sacrifice unto Him
You alone exist; I do not, O Beloved!.
Bulleh Shah (You Alone Exist, 17-18th century)
Do you know how beautiful You are?
I think not, my dear.
For as you talk of God,
I see great parades with wildly colorful bands
Streaming from your mind and heart,
Carrying wonderful and secret messages
To every corner of this world.
I see saints bowing in the mountains
Hundreds of miles away
To the wonder of sounds
That break into light
From your most common words.
Hafez (Saints Bowing in the Mountains)
I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
With angels bless'd; but even from angelhood
I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel-soul,
I shall become what no mind e'er conceived.
Oh, let me not exist! for Non-existence
Proclaims in organ tones,
To Him we shall return..
Rumi (The Masnavi - Book III, Story XVII, 1258 - 1273)

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For more by these graceful and love-infused Sufi Mystics have a look at this list below!

A Seeker's Thoughts on the Tasawuff (Sufism)

What makes these mystics so remarkable is that they have chosen the path of love as the means to bring themselves closer to the supreme consciousness, and you know how that song goes, what’s love got do with it?

Well apparently for the Sufi saints, just about everything. Not to take anything away from the song, a great song no doubt, but while Tina Turner smashed the top charts with that song in the 80s, these Sufi saints completely and utterly smashed cosmic charts in the darkest age of man, the middle ages. This was when the European continent was plunged into shadow and ignorance, not that I fully believe this historical myth, but it nonetheless makes the whole story just a little bit more exciting to tell.

The Sufis were lamps of spiritual light in a world terrorised by war, ignorance and despair. The Sufis just like any other mystic hippos have the great quality of spreading light without really consciously trying to do so. They are so consumed by love that they become love itself, and when the two becomes one, the goal has been reached. They are like the radiant sun that shines without intention, but their light is of spiritual light and not of light particles and/or waves. The Sufis are very dear to my heart, as they should be to yours as well, that is if you have one, and if you do, why not let it sing, dance and whirl away in complete freedom and ecstasy!

(excerpt from Who's Who in the Mystics Zoo)

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