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Description Life  
P. G. Wodehouse
English Humorist Writer 1881 - 1975  
Pablo Casals
Spanish Musician 1876 - 1973  
Pablo Neruda
Chilean Poet 1904 - 1973  
Pablo Picasso Spanish Painter and Sculptor 1881 - 1973  
Paulo Coelho Brazilian Author and Novelist 1947  
Pericles Greek Statesman, Orator and General 495 BCE - 425 BCE  
Peter Nivio Zarlenga - -  
Philip K. Dick American Science Fiction Writer 1928 - 1982  
Philip Sidney English Poet, Soldier and Courtier 1554 - 1586  
Phyllis Diller American Actress and Comedian 1917  
Pierre-Simon Laplace French Mathematician and Astronomer 424 BCE - 347 BCE  
Plato Greek Philosopher and Mathematician 424 BCE - 347 BCE  
Plautus Roman Playwright and Poet 254 BCE - 184 BCE  
Pliny the Elder Roman Philosopher, Naturalist and Author 23 - 79  
Plotinus Greek Philosopher 204 - 270  
Plutarch Greek-Roman Biographer 46 - 120  
Polybius Roman Historian X-x  
Protagoras Greek Philosopher 490 BCE - 420 BCE  
Publilius Syrus Latin Writer 100 BCE  
Pythagoras Greek Philosopher and Mathematician 570 BCE - 495 BCE  

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Miyamoto Musashi
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