Empower Your Consciousness
(Books by iPerceptive)

Are you looking to dive deep into the heart of existence?
If you are interested in the exploration of consciousness through the medium of mysticism and direct experience, you've come to the right place!

Life is Now

How To Transcend Your Ego and Destroy
Your Distractions by Living Fearlessly
and Totally in the Now

The Mystics Toolbox

Love, Liberation and Existential
Fullfillment Through the
Mystical Experience

These ones on mysticism are free to read, however you can support iPerceptive by donating/buying the Mystics Toolbox for $9.99!

I am just a fellow that simply looked into my own self. These books are what I've discovered. There's nothing fancy or complex about which I'm trying to convey, just a direct experience of myself and existence.