Who are the Mystics?

A mystic is a being that has traced back his or her subjective sentience (identity, intellect, thoughts, mind, ego, sense of separate self, mental/soul processes) to its source. The source which is the absolute subjective perceiver of all experience.

This is their destination and sanctuary.

The mystic only points to your essential nature...

Though mystics come in many colours and shapes, they are one in their essential experience and understanding of existence. Since they reach that absolute subjective space of consciousness, they have come to a placeless place without distinctions. That is why one can say that all the mystics are spiritually kin, even though they may be separated by time, culture, language, religion, ideology. They are beyond these limitations that are set on sentient life, mostly humans.

The mystics only point to our essential nature, the sense of presence, pure consciousness and natural joy, which in turn is a nature derived from the Supreme Being.

What is Mysticism?

I have conflicting standpoints on the term mysticism, as it is on the one hand has a rather cool and esoteric sound to it while on the other hand I feel that it makes the essence of mysticism more mystical, complex and elusive than it should be. Mysticism isn't really that mystical, its about a being tracing back the sense of his separation to its source, which inevitably is the pure state of consciousness, source-being, Supreme Being or God, depending on your taste.

Another notable point to make about mysticism is that it doesn't have to be religious in the traditional sense. In my humble understanding there are philosopher mystics, poet mystics, and just any kind of a plain ol mystic as well.

In other words, a mystic doesn't really have or need a certain label or a group to belong to, when their realization is complete they can and do stand perfectly on their own, nourished only by the self-shining light of consciousness and the universe.

We are all mystics in our essential nature and expressions...

Experientially a seeker turns into a mystic when the seeking has come to an end, not that the seeker has necessarily found what he or she is looking for, but only that a profound recognition of that which always has been present in ones experience becomes ones immediate and unbroken reality.

In truth, we are all mystics in our essential nature and expression, the mystics of history are just individuals who have recognized this supremely beautiful reality, they have become awake to themselves.

Having said that, iPerceptive's goal is to explore and gather the timeless wisdom and insights which the mystics of the world have expressed and still are expressing, and in this collecting, iPerceptive is hoping to empower your direct experience.

Either way, love, light and happiness to you!