John Dee Quotes

I will be thy Gwyde.
John Dee (On the Mystical Rule of the Seven Planets - Chapter 2, 1583)
And ay thank God who is our only guide.
John Dee (Testament of John Dee to John Gwynn, 1568)
Oh, my God, how profound are these mysteries!
John Dee (Monas Hieroglyphica - Theorem XVI)
By science men may learn the mysteries of the spirit world.
John Dee
Here the vulgar eye will see nothing but Obscurity and will despair considerably.
John Dee (Monas Hieroglyphica - Concluding Words)
Behold, Behold, lo Behold my mighty powre consisteth in this. Lerne wisdome by my words.
John Dee (On the Mystical Rule of the Seven Planets - Chapter 2, 1583)
I am the pen merely of God Whose Spirit, quickly writing these things through me, I wish and I hope to be
John Dee
What I say is not of my self: Neither that which is sayde to me, is of them selves: but it is sayde of him who liveth for ever.
John Dee (On the Mystical Rule of the Seven Planets - Chapter 2, 1583)
He who devotes himself sincerely to these mysteries will see clearly that nothing is able to exist without the virtue of our hieroglyphic Monad.
John Dee (Monas Hieroglyphica - Theorem XVIII)
It is by the straight line and the circle that the first and most simple example and representation of all things may be demonstrated, whether such things be either non-existent or merely hidden under Nature's veils.
John Dee (Monas Hieroglyphica - Theorem I)
Cut that in Three, which Nature hath made One,
Then strengthen hyt, even by it self alone,
Wherewith then Cutte the poudred Sonne in twayne,
By length of tyme, and heale the woonde againe.
John Dee (Testament of John Dee to John Gwynn, 1568)
O Omnipotent Divine Majesty, how we Mortals are constrained to confess what great Wisdom and what ineffable mysteries reside in the Law which Thou hast made! Through all these points and these letters the most sublime secrets, and terrestrial arcane mysteries, as well as the multiple revelations of this unique point, now placed in the Light and examined by me, can be faithfully demonstrated and explained.
John Dee (Monas Hieroglyphica - Theorem XX)
O comfortable allurement, O ravishing perswasion, to deal with a Science, whose subject is so Auncient, so pure, so excellent, so surmounting all creatures... By Numbers propertie ... we may... arise, clime, ascend, and mount up (with Speculative winges) in spirit, to behold in the Glas of creation, the Forme of Formes, the Exemplar Number of all things Numerable... Who can remaine, therefore, unpersuaded, to love, allow, and honor the excellent sciehce of Arithmatike?
John Dee (The Elements of Geometry of the most Aunceint Philosopher Euclide of Megara - Mathematicall Preface)

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John Dee Biography

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Born: 13 July 1527
Died: 1609

John Dee was a English mathematician, scientist, astrologer and occult philosopher. He is best known for being immersed in the world of magic and hermetic philosophy and for being an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

Notable Works

Monas Hieroglyphica (1564)
Preface to Billingsley's Euclid
On the Mystical Rule of the Seven Planets (1583)
The Private Diary of John Dee