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The phenomena observed in Magnetism seem to come from two causes, the action of the will, and that of a fluid, which is the instrument used by the will.
Joseph-Philippe-François Deleuze (Quoted in Hypnotism and its Doctors)
It is the absolute indifference to what appertains to terrestrial objects, to the interests of fortune or reputation. It is the absence of the passions, and the opinions by which one is governed in the ordinary state, and of even all acquired ideas, of which they very well preserve the recollection, but to which they no longer attach importance. It is the little interest they take in life; it is the novel manner of viewing objects ; it is the quick and direct judgment, accompanied by an intimate conviction. ... He appears to see things in a new light. Conscientiousness is aroused and determines his judgment. He expresses himself lucidly and with elegance, devoid of passion or excitement. Charity and benevolence are active. He sometimes thinks himself inspired, but this arouses no vanity
Joseph-Philippe-François Deleuze (Quoted in Hypnotism and its Doctors)
Seat your patient as conveniently as possible, and place yourself opposite him, on a seat rather more elevated than his, so as to hold his knees between yours, and to touch his feet with your own. Request him to give himself up, to think of nothing, and not to distract his attention by examining the effects he may experience ; to be full of hope and not to be uneasy or alarmed should the magnetic influence produce in him momentary pains. After having composed yourself, hold his thumbs between your fingers, so that the inside of your thumbs may touch the inside of his, and fix your eyes upon him. You must remain from two to five minutes in this position, or until you feel that your thumbs and his are at the same temperature. This being done, you must withdraw your hands, by moving them outwardly right and left, so that the inward surface be turned outwards, and raise them as high as the head ; you must then lay them on both shoulders, and leave them there for about one minute ; then bring them down along the arms to the extremity of the fingers, touching slightly all the way. You will repeat this manipulation five or six times, keeping your hands off the body when you raise them. You will then hold your hands above the head for a moment, and draw them down before the face, at a distance of about two inches, as low as the pit of the stomach. Here you will stop again for about two minutes, laying your thumbs on the pit of the stomach, and your fingers under the ribs. You will then slowly come down the body as low as the knees. These manipulations should be repeated during the greater part of the sitting. You will also occasionally come nearer to the patient, so as to lay your hands behind his shoulders, and bring them slowly down the spine, and thence over the hips and along the thighs, down to the knees or to the feet. When you wish to bring the sitting to a close, you must take care to draw the magnetic fluid to the extremities of the hands and feet, by lengthening your line of motion beyond those extremities, each time shaking your fingers. Lastly, you will make before the face, and even before the breast, a few transverse manipulations at a distance of three or four inches.”
Joseph-Philippe-François Deleuze (Quoted in Hypnotism and its Doctors)

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Joseph-Philippe-François Deleuze Biography

Joseph-Philippe-François Deleuze portrait

Born: 1753
Died: 1835

Joseph-Philippe-François Deleuze was a French naturalist and magnetizer. He is best known for being a contemporary of Marquis de Puysegur, both being students of mesmerism.