Justin Martyr Quotes

No one who is rightly minded turns from true belief to false.
Justin Martyr
To yield and give way to our passions is the lowest slavery, even as to rule over them is the only liberty.
Justin Martyr (Fragments - 18)
Everyone who flees from what is superficially good and follows what is reckoned hard and foolish finds happiness awaiting him.
Justin Martyr (Second Apology)
Let it be understood that those who are not found living as He taught are not Christian - even though they profess with the lips the teaching of Christ.
Justin Martyr
We will not require that you punish our accusers; they being sufficiently punished by their present wickedness and ignorance of what is right.
Justin Martyr (First Apology - Chapter 7)
When you hear that we look for a kingdom, you suppose, without making any inquiry, that we speak of a human kingdom; whereas we speak of that which is with God,
Justin Martyr (First Apology - Chapter 11)
For we ought not to strive; neither has He (Jesus) desired us to be imitators of wicked men, but He has exhorted us to lead all men, by patience and gentleness, from shame and the love of evil.
Justin Martyr (First Apology - Chapter 16)
And the perception of immaterial things quite overpowered me, and the contemplation of ideas furnished my mind with wings, so that in a little while I supposed that I had become wise; and such was my stupidity, I expected forthwith to look upon God, for this is the end of Plato's philosophy.
Justin Martyr (Dialogue with Trypho - Chapter 2)
Hence are we called atheists. And we confess that we are atheists, so far as gods of this sort are concerned, but not with respect to the most true God, the Father of righteousness and temperance and the other virtues, who is free from all impurity. But both Him, and the Son who came forth from Him and taught us these things, and the host of the other good angels who follow and are made like to Him, and the prophetic Spirit, we worship and adore, knowing them in reason and truth, and declaring without grudging to every one who wishes to learn, as we have been taught.
Justin Martyr (First Apology - Chapter 6: Charge of Atheism Refuted)
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Justin Martyr Biography

Justin Martyr portrait

Born: 100
Died: 165

Justin Martyr was a Christian apologist who's best known for his theological works incorporating Greek thought into the Christian vision. As is indicated by his name, he alongside his students were martyred by the Romans for their Christian beliefs.

Notable Works

The First Apology (2th Century)
The Second Apology of Justin Martyr (2th Century)