Lesya Ukrainka Quotes

Oh, Mavka dear, You're drawing out my soul...
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)
It is from the hands of death people get immortality.
Lesia Ukrainka
In the forest nothing is ever mute.
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)
Oh joy! A star from heaven fell in my heart!
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)
How lovely it would be to die like a falling star.
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)
No! I live! I will live forever! I have a heart that does not die.
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)
My blade shall sever the fetters of iron and echo aloud in the forts of all tyrants.
Lesia Ukrainka
No, hush! I want to hear your heart speak loud.
It talks, but faintly, like the nights in spring.
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)
I've never been
In love before, and so I never knew,
That love could be so sweet.
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)
Lesia Ukrainka Quote: On this poor, indigent ground I shall sow flowers of flowing colors...
On this poor, indigent ground
I shall sow flowers of flowing colors;
I shall sow flowers even amidst the frost,
And water them with my bitter tears.
Lesia Ukrainka (Contra spem spero)
As I die, the
abandoned fire of my songs will burn in the world,
and the restrained sowing will sow,
it will burn at night, it will burn in the daytime.
Lesia Ukrainka
How lovely is the strain
Of mingled joy and pain;
It cuts deep in the breast
And cleaves the heart in twain.
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)
Why are my words not like steel brightly flashing
Out in the field where two armies are clashing ?
Why not a sabre whose pitiless blows
Cut off the heads of our bitterest foes ?
Lesia Ukrainka
O my sweet, how can it be a cause for gladness
That I blossom when my heart is full of gall and sadness ?
Will the grave be dearer to you, my beloved,
If I am a green tree rising silently above it ?
Lesia Ukrainka (The Guelder Rose)
Why must I be silent at the side of my beloved ?
O the tree is silent while the axe is swinging,
When the man cuts deeply, then the tree is singing.
First a branch he severs, then a pipe he's playing,
With an arrow from the guelder-rose his heart assailing.
Lesia Ukrainka (The Guelder-Rose)
How pettishly you've broken off my rhyme!
Have you forgotten last year's summertime?
Of last year's summer I no memory keep
What was sung then died out in winter's sleep.
No memory it provokes.
Lesia Ukrainka (Forest Song, 1911)

Away, dark thoughts, you autumn clouds!
A golden spring is here!
Shall it be thus in sorrow and in lamentation
That my youthful years pass away?

No, through all my tears I still shall laugh,
Sing songs despite my troubles;
Have hope despite all odds,
I want to live! Away, you sorrowful thoughts!

On this poor, indigent ground
I shall sow flowers of flowing colors;
I shall sow flowers even amidst the frost,
And water them with my bitter tears.

And from those burning tears will melt
The frozen crust, so hard and strong,
Perhaps the flowers will bloom and
Bring about for me a joyous spring.

Unto a winding, flinty mountain
Shall I bear my weighty stone,
Yet, even bearing such a crushing weight,
Will I sing a joyful song.

Throughout a lasting night of darkness
Ne'er shall I rest my own eyes,
Always searching for the guiding star,
The bright empress of the dark night skies.

I shall not allow my heart to fall sleep,
Though gloom and misery envelop me,
Despite my certain feelings
That death is beating at my breast.

Death will settle heavily on that breast,
The snow covered by a cruel haze,
But fierce shall beat my little heart,
And maybe, with its ferocity, overcome death.

Yes, I will laugh despite my tears,
I'll sing out songs amidst my misfortunes;
I'll have hope despite all odds,
I will live! Away, you sorrowful thoughts!

Lesia Ukrainka Biography

Lesia Ukrainka portrait

Born: 1871
Died: 1913

Lesia Ukrainka was often regarded as one of the most notable Ukrainian writers of Ukrainian literature. She is best known for her plays, poems and for her political activism.

Notable Works

On the Wings of Songs (1893)
Thoughts and Dreams (1899)
Echos (1902)
Catacombs (1905)
The Forest Song (1911)