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All the mind-streams eventually flow into the one ocean beingness, there are many pathways for the mind, there are no paths for the heart, for the heart is infinite and fills everything.

(Sayings of Mooji Baba -

Can the seer be seen?

Mooji (Satsang)

The mind is not your friend... not yet.

Mooji (Satsang)

Beloved, welcome home to your own self.

Mooji (Sayings of Mooji Baba -

When we look with the "I"
We dream
When we look for the "I"
We awaken.

Mooji (Sayings of Mooji Baba -

Beloved, welcome home to your own self
Rest in self as self.
Now whichever way you turn,
Behold within, the infinte bliss of being.

Mooji (Sayings of Mooji Baba -

I am the great waters, upon my face, the primordial pen of mahamaya writes incessantly the lives and destinies of all living beings. Every wave, each ripple, the subtlest movement, is my dancing. Yet I, the pure reality, remain ever untouched, unaffected, glorious and beyond all concepts, I, the unimaginable, the formless absolute, alone am.

Mooji (Sayings of Mooji Baba -

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Mooji Biography

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Born: 1954

Mooji is an advaita non-duality master and mystic. He realized his true being through the grace of Papaji and Ramana Maharshi.
He is today best known for his pointings that guides the seeker back to the Self, which is his own true nature! Mooji ji kay!

Notable Works

White Fire (2015)
Vaster than Sky, Greater than Space (2016)