Zeno of Citium Quotes


We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.

Zeno of Citium
(Quoted by Diogenes Laertius)
Happiness is a good flow of life.
Zeno of Citium (Quoted by Stobaeus)
All the good are friends of one another.
Zeno of Citium
No evil is honorable: but death is honorable; therefore death is not evil.
Zeno of Citium (Quoted by Seneca)
Wellbeing is attained by little and little, and nevertheless is no little thing itself. 
Zeno of Citium
Fate is the endless chain of causation, whereby things are; the reason or formula by which the world goes on.
Zeno of Citium
That which exercises reason is more excellent than that which does not exercise reason; there is nothing more excellent than the universe, therefore the universe exercises reason.
Zeno of Citium (Quoted by Cicero)
If melodiously piping flutes sprang from the olive, would you doubt that a knowledge of flute-playing resided in the olive? And what if plane trees bore harps which gave forth rhythmical sounds? Clearly you would think in the same way that the art of music was possessed by plane trees. Why, then, seeing that the universe gives birth to beings that are animate and wise, should it not be considered animate and wise itself?
Zeno of Citium (Quoted by Cicero)
All things are parts of one single system, which is called Nature; the individual life is good when it is in harmony with Nature. In one sense, every life is in harmony with Nature, since it is such as Nature's laws have caused it to be; but in another sense a human life is only in harmony with Nature when the individual will is directed to ends which are among those of Nature. Virtue consists in a will which is in agreement with Nature.
Zeno of Citium
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Zeno of Citium Biography

Born: 334 BCE
Died: 262 BCE

Zeno of Citium was a ancient Greek philosopher. He is most commonly known as the founder of the Hellenistic philosophy school, Stoicism in Athens. A influential philosophy throughout history.