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The Lovers Way

From silence the first word appeared From the word ourselves disappeared. To oblivion we seem to descend Tis but an ancient pretend. From silence emerges the purest love In our hearts sings this crimson dove. Where and why, the light does not say. But it answers you...

In the Abode of my Beloved

In a sweet abode beneath the surface, of all illusions, There lies my beloved My beloved, oh such pleasure, the words so easy to utter A melody of infinite beauty lies there in the remembrance What great wonder to be here in the embrace of the immaculate light She...

This World is a World of Forgetting

This world is a world of forgetting. We thrive on forgetfulness; it is the stuff of life. We play out the play that has been foreordained by the beloved. For she loves to hide and to seek after herself. A longing for the first kiss that seeps its essence into the...

The Princess Who Entered Nirvana

There once was a princess who was dying of thirst... a Thirst for the greatest love imaginable. She was the fairest princess and her heart was the driest of all the hearts in the human kingdoms of the world. Every prince that came to offer his hand she denied, for she...

3 Wisdom Stories on Knowing Yourself

The Ghost who was Afraid There was once a ghost that had the wondrously peculiar ability to scare itself… This was indeed a most special ghost, because ghosts in general have the sole purpose of imposing fear unto all that are non-ghost entities. This special ghost...

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