This world is a world of forgetting. We thrive on forgetfulness; it is the stuff of life. We play out the play that has been foreordained by the beloved. For she loves to hide and to seek after herself. A longing for the first kiss that seeps its essence into the indescribable hallways of eternity.

“Eternity is a little child playing”,

as Heraclitus so mystifyingly proclaimed. The child’s play is joyful because it has forgotten the rules. The rules and the game are a joy for the child to discover and partake.

We are put playing a different game, while we sink more and more into forgetfulness. We have missed the point of “the game” which is hide and seek. To hide and to seek and to find and to hide again is the nature of the game. We have been buried in the realm of either hiding or of seeking. That is why we feel like tiny people stumbling in the dark, thirsting for the smallest gleam of light of the truth.

Finding yourself is the beginning of repeating the process of forgetting yourself, which if you do in this lifetime, is what is called enlightenment. When you find your beloved, you forget yourself, and merge with her graceful all-embracing bosom.


Well because there is no greater joy than that too come home after a long tiresome voyage, and then to lay down your head and wake up for new lands to discover and enjoy.

So raise the unknown to your highest pedestal, for knowledge will not bring you closer to the grace of the light of the beloved.

The butterfly flutters and the wind moans, can you hear the fluttering of the butterfly in the midst of the storm? You say no and proclaim that the butterfly existence cannot be known, but still the butterfly flutters.

The beautiful has no need to show its face openly, it is beautiful in its unknowingness and solitude nonetheless. A glittering pearl in the vast dark ocean does not seize to be beautiful just because it is surrounded by darkness.

Take this to your dear heart, and let it sing to your soul forever. Let it saturate your being and allow the symphony to manifest. Simply allow it, forcing is for the lost ones. They have no place in the garden of light, for they unknowingly impose darkness on it and themselves.

The mist is thick in the atmosphere of the fools, but know that the beloved dwells in the fool to. The beautiful strings that are pulling you are also pulling the fool. Together you complete each other, as there is good there is bad, as there is love there is hate. Everything happens and is according to the dance of the beloved. Feel this in your heart and attain the unattainable love that seeps through the veins of the universe.


How the heart of nature beats for and through us all, whether it is ant or bird, man or angel, the rhythm goes unbroken. There is a rhythm and you have the possibility to beautify it with dance or music. See to it to express yourself to the rhythm of the universal heart, and feel the beloveds face smile brighter than a million suns upon your soul.

The river flows and it manifests the way of change. There is neither beginning nor end. It flows and brings joy to the beloved.

A wave is coming, and it will break down your high thick walls. It consists of love and has grown tired of your empty games. For you should know that if you do not feel love in your heart or pure joy in your smile or truth in your eyes or dance in your form or music in your soul, that you have been tricked, and the only missing thing is the embrace of the beloved.

Our beloved sings warmly to all our children under the sun, equally take notice that the eye of the sun likens to your human eye. The beloved sees your every attempt to rise to joy without his presence, but smiles just the same, knowing the hiding and seeking still goes on, even in your most desperate forms. Love and joy is your innate right, to feel the harmony of the moon rays of light. How can it be otherwise? The learned man says that truth is to be known out there beyond, while failing to recognize the eternal in his beloved’s thousand forms. He seeks it and finds it not, cursing the world as a machine for distraught. How empty this form must feel, without sensing the mark of the beloved’s eternal seal.

So listen with joy my dear friend
My love to your heart extends
For I know that you are me and I am you
There is nothing more everlasting than this truth
Your heart beats through mine
And my eyes see through yours

Where lies the doubt?
Perhaps manufactured thoughts, deceit and lies
So see the light in your innermost star
Know that the beloved is never far
How starved you are for his caress
Still how beautiful the damsel in its duress
See the beauty underlying all
Be fulfilled even by mans fall.

The fall has a significant role
To bring your gaze back to the whole
As the light dances all around your soul.

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