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Direct Experience

Direct experience is the term and idea which tries to convey the nature of living life with as little to none psychological filtration. The idea of direct experience is to live life totally without too much projections about the future or past. Which furthermore implies that there is something that hinders a human being from living directly. This "something" has been called ego, separate self, psychological mind, ego-mind, "selfing" depending on the spiritual tradition.

To live fully in each moment without the disturbance is the essence behind the idea of direct experience

Though it has been treated as an idea here in this article, it needs to be said that the main goal of direct experience is to transcend all ideas, thoughts and notions about life, to bypass and transcend them all whereas one can start living a life that is unpolluted by any preconceived or post-conceived notions.

Relevant Quotations

What life, I think, is supposed to be about, is the reclamation of the primacy of direct experience. And that means: sex, and psychedelics, and dancing, and conversation, and good eating, and lots of exercise, and travel, and attention to - what Wittgenstein called - the present at hand.
Terence McKenna
What blinds us, or what makes historical progress very difficult, is our lack of awareness of our ignorance. And [I think] that beliefs should be put aside, and that a psychedelic society would abandon belief systems [in favor of] direct experience and this is, I think much, of the problem of the modern dilemma, is that direct experience has been discounted and in its place all kind of belief systems have been erected... If you believe something, you're automatically precluded from believing in the opposite, which means that a degree of your human freedom has been forfeited in the act of this belief.
Terence McKenna (Speech at the Psychedelic Society, 1984)
Consequently direct experience can also be viewed upon as being the same as the dissolution of boundaries. The less boundaries that constrict and asphyxiate your consciousness, the more direct will your experience be. The psychological mind is itself a barrier or a filtration that allows some concepts and experiences to pass through while others are denied or even vehemently combatted. The psychological ego is the biggest boundary of them all; it is in truth, the king of all the other boundaries that your consciousness has set up. All your boundaries need a reference point to refer to, and the ego is it. The separate self is the nexus from which all other personal problems normally refers to when navigating through life as a person, but luckily it becomes quite redundant when one moves in to the purer state of presence.
Daniel Seeker (The Door of Direct Experience - Chapter 6, 2017)

A Seeker's Contemplations on Direct Experience

(Excerpt from The Door of Direct Experience)

Direct experience is simply you being yourself in the immediacy of the present moment. That is, you being yourself without any filtration made by the psychological aspect of your mind. Since life is experience and as it always takes place in the present moment, the present can then be said to be all that one truly knows. An obvious statement you might say, well yes and perhaps even a cliché in modern speech, but within this cliché lays a great truth. This truth unequivocally proclaims that only the here and now exists and you are it. You are being lived by the present moment as you are seemingly living it simultaneously. You cannot separate yourself from the here and now, if you think you can then that is only through the medium of thinking it so.

I find this to be a great realization for the mature mind, and in my view a mature mind is nothing other than a mind that is ready to fully receive that naked truth (the essence of the mystical experience) i.e. you can never not be here and never not be in the now.

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