Life is Now by iPerceptive

Are you looking to dive deep into the heart of existence?

If you are interested in the exploration of consciousness through the medium of direct experience (life free from the influences of the egoic mind), well then you’ve come to the right place!

Live Directly!

If you are going to live, you’re going to live in the now, so why not consciously empower each moment so that life becomes total and full?

Most people are heavily distracted by their identity, projections and thoughts about life. This is rather unfortunate because oftentimes this leads to a prolonged state of unfulfilled experience of life. Living “indirectly”, in other words, doesn’t empower your spirit and sense of purpose.

Its simply too much noise, internally and externally. Learn to overcome and transcend these lower expressions of consciousness by diving head on into your own self and into the now.

Life is Now contains the three following writings

Door of Direct Experience Fulltext     Presence not Person Fulltext     Immersed Fulltext

If you read through these, you will with all likelihood come to a greater and deeper understanding of yourself and what it is thats holding you back.

Do yourself a favour and save yourself from yourself!


I have read volumes of words attempting to say what Daniel has said in this small volume. I honor and respect all those who “arranged those words” for me, for they surely brought me to the point where his “words” have made sense to me….not There, yet. But with all this help, I (we) cannot fail. Thank you.

- BJH On the book "The Door of Direct Experience"

I’ve read a ton of nonduality books, from all the “big names” and then some. This booklet (only 35 pages) is right up there with the best of them. I was looking for a book specifically about Presence — something was telling me to — so, when this popped up, I was immediately drawn to it. I was not disappointed. This book is a very clear, simply written, and very deep analysis of the differences between the Presence we truly are and the person we take ourselves to be. The final chapter points the way to how one can dissolve the false person in order to abide as Presence. If this were a book by Eckhart Tolle or Adyashanti, it would have dozens of glowing reviews. My thanks to the author, Daniel Seeker. I hope he gains much wider recognition, as he truly deserves it.

- Steve D. On the book "Presence! Not Person...""

The first thing I noticed was how passionate Daniel is about bringing you closer to a deeply human experience.

In his book “The Door of Direct Experience”, Daniel oscillates between the very abstract (“Life is experience and experience is life”) and the very concrete (“The man who studied the single sound of ‘s’ for ten years”). He concludes in concrete methods on how to “dismantle that mischievous psychological mind once and for all.”

As a book, I recommend it to experienced meditators and philosophers who have had their share of “looking behind the curtain.” It is for those that Daniel gives words and meaning for otherwise wordless experiences.

- Alexis R. On the book "The Door of Direct Experience"

Immersed Fulltext

My name is Daniel Seeker and I am a fellow that has simply looked into my own self. These books are what I’ve discovered. There’s nothing fancy or complex about which I’m trying to convey, just a direct experience of myself and existence.

Dive deep into the nature of consciousness, beginning with Life is Now