The world nourishes bodies, the spirit nourishes souls.

Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus

Contemplations on the Quote

Only those who are spiritually tuned in, genuinely, will understand these words by Hermes Thricegreat. This world does indeed nourish bodies. From the day we are born and even before our birth, we are growing in matter. To come out and experience this realm of consciousness.

Spirit on the other hand is the food which we are perpetually in contact with. Like an invisible umbilical cord connected.

Spirit is the essence of the universe, if you will. The very fabric of the cosmos is made of spirit, not matter or quarks. Those are but emanations out of the impersonal spirit.

We need not even call it God, even though you can if you wish to.

In fact we need not even call it anything, not even spirit. What you can do is to clear the muddy waters of your mind and see directly into your own self.

When you attain to this sight of clarity, you will know it and it will know you. Not as a subject knows an object, but more a deep recognition of the nature of experience.

Spirit nourishes us all. Can you recognize?

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