Stoic Quotes on God and Gods

Aristo of Chios

No form of God is conceivable.

Aristo of Chios
(Quoted by Cicero)
God has entrusted me with myself.
Fools are they who look for happiness, but are blind to divine signs.
Cleanthes (Hymn to Zeus)

Chrysippus Stoic Quote: The universe itself is God and the...
The universe itself is God and the universal outpouring of its soul.
Chrysippus (Quoted by Cicero in De Natura Deorum)
For nothing can be better for gods or men
Than to adore with hymns the Universal King.
Cleanthes (Hymn to Zeus)
For evils proceed from vice alone, but the Gods are of themselves the causes of good, and of whatever is advantageous; while, in the meantime, we do not admit their beneficence, but surround ourselves with voluntary evils.
Hierocles (How we ought to conduct ourselves towards the gods - fragment)
How great Thou art,
The Lord supreme for ever and for aye!
No work is wrought apart from Thee, O God,
Or in the world, or in the heaven above,
Or on the deep, save only what is done
By sinners in their folly.
Cleanthes of Assos (Hymn to Zeus)
In our control is the most beautiful and important thing, the thing because of which even the god himself is happy— namely, the proper use of our impressions … we must concern ourselves absolutely with the things that are under our control and entrust the things not in our control to the universe.
Gaius Musonius Rufus
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A Seeker's Thoughts on Stoicism
The stoic philosophers of the ancient world were wise individuals, that is for sure. They mostly strived after virtue and detachment from no-good passions. The stoics also had a vision of a ideal sage which transcended the usual limitations that people had. The Stoic Sage was constantly in a state of tranquility and contentment with whatever life presented unto him. For some stoics the sage was just an ideal target to aim against and not a concrete reality to be realized.