Chuck Palahniuk Top 10 Quotes


I'm breaking my attachment to physical power and possessions, because only through destroying myself can I discover the greater power of my spirit.

Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, 1996)


The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.

Chuck Palahniuk (Invisible Monsters, 1999)


Here in your mind you have complete privacy. Here there's no difference between what is and what could be.

Chuck Palahniuk (Choke, 2001)


If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character... Would you slow down? Or speed up?

Chuck Palahniuk


Don't do what you want. Do what you don't want. Do what you're trained not to want. Do the things that scare you the most.

Chuck Palahniuk (Invisible Monsters, 1999)


We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

Chuck Palahniuk (Diary, 2003)


We can spend our lives letting the world tell us who we are. Sane or insane. Saints or sex addicts. Heros or victims. Letting history tell us how good or bad we are.
Letting our past decide our future.
Or we can decide for ourselves.
And maybe it's our job to invent something better.

Chuck Palahniuk (Choke, 2001)


I don't want to die without any scars.

Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, 1996)


All the effort in the world won't matter if you're not inspired.

Chuck Palahniuk (Diary, 2003)


The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly.

Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, 1996)

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Chuck Palahniuk Biography

Born: February 21, 1962

Chuck Palahniuk is an American author. He is most widely known for his award-winning book, "Fight Club". Which later was made into a very successful film.

Notable Works

Fight Club (1996)
Survivor (1999)
Invisible Monsters (1999)
Choke (2001)
Lullaby (2002)
Diary (2003)
Haunted (2005)
Rant (2007)
Pygmy (2009)

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