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The generality of men know no criterion of truth, but are led by popular opinion.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


Whenever you are proposing to take anyone's advice about your affairs, first look to see how he manages his own; for the man of defective judgment in his own business will never give good counsel about that of others.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


Value not yourself upon the greatness of your riches, but the rational use of them.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


Choose rather honesty poverty, than dishonest riches, as the latter only profits the possessor in life, but the first crowns the very dead with fame and glory.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


Be content with the present, but seek after what is best.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


Try to be in your body a lover of toil, and in your soul a lover of wisdom, that with the one you may be able to execute your resolves, and with the other may know how to foresee what is expedient.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


A good mind is the greatest treasure in a man's body.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


If you be a lover of instruction, you will be well instructed.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


It is the duty of every man to improve his knowledge, will and understanding.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)


Of all our possessions... Wisdom alone is immortal.

Isocrates (Letter to Demonicus)

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Isocrates Biography

Born: 436 BCE
Died: 338 BCE

Isocrates was an ancient Greek rhetorician and orator. He was highly influential through his teaching and writings on rhetorics.

Notable Works

Letter to Demonicus

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