Aristo of Chios Quotes

No form of God is conceivable.

Aristo of Chios (Quoted by Cicero)

Virtue is the health of the soul.

Aristo of Chios (Fragment)

"Do you not even see the man who is sitting next to you?", and when the Academic replied, "I do not," Aristo said: "Who then has blinded you; who has robbed you of your eyes?

Aristo of Chios (Quoted by Diogenes Laërtius)

Aristo of Chios Quote: He who has equipped himself for the whole of life...

He who has equipped himself for the whole of life does not need to be advised concerning each separate thing, because he is now trained to meet his problem as a whole; for he knows not merely how he should live with his wife or his son, but how he should live aright.

Aristo of Chios (Quoted by Seneca's Epistles)

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Aristo of Chios Biography

Greek writings on stone

Born: 300 BCE
Died: Mid 3rd Century BCE

Aristo of Chios was a notable Stoic philosopher in Ancient Greece who was the colleague of the founder of the Stoic school Zeno of Citium. He is also known for presenting his own Cynically (The School) influenced view of the Stoic Philosophy.