Daniel Seeker Quotes

If your asking to the beloved was to end, my friend
In silence, with her wings you would ascend and transcend

Daniel Seeker

That sensation of belonging in the universe when you find others like yourself can’t be found anywhere else except in love, but isn’t love the ultimate form of friendship?

Daniel Seeker (iPerceptive Blog - The Meaning of Friendship, 2012)

For I have seen the glorious radiance of the happy soul.

Daniel Seeker (iPerceptive Blog IOFD: Happiness Amidst Wretched Disorder, 2012)

The complete family is a family that consists of three generations.

Daniel Seeker

So remember this my dearest friend,
That the beloved is here and only she can mend
Your innermost sorrows and utmost pain
By stripping you naked in golden rain.

Daniel Seeker (Mystical Poetry)

Wisdom never dies. We all need it, no matter how young or old we are. There is always room for beautiful thoughts in our minds.

Daniel Seeker

Death whispers in my ear…
Live now because I am near
Should I fear and flee from thee?
No… Just dance in calm serenity…
Live, love, laugh and smile…
Make sure your time here is worth the while.

Daniel Seeker

You have to be cautious in this crazy world of ours, cautious indeed... But at the same time you have to be wild as can be..

Daniel Seeker

Our beloved, the timeless loves and nurtures all
Even you my dear
Though sometimes you feel so small

Daniel Seeker

That gut-wrenching feeling I get whenever I see the face of anguish, tortures my very soul. I want to reach out my hand, but then I realize that the only thing my hands ends up touching is a computerscreen.

Daniel Seeker

From silence the first word appeared
From the word ourselves disappeared.

Daniel Seeker

The lovers way is subtle but sublime
Like a weightless kiss beyond the tyranny of time.

Daniel Seeker

Daniel Seeker Biography

Danny Boy

Born: July 15, 1991

Daniel Seeker is the proud creator of iPerceptive :-)

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