Rowan D. Williams Quotes

The past is what the present is doing now.
Rowan D. Williams
Bad human communication leaves us less room to grow.
Rowan D. Williams
To the white desert, to the starving sand.
But we shall sit and speak around
one table, share one food, one earth.
Rowan D. Williams
We have to learn to be human along-side all sorts of others, the ones whose company we don't greatly like.
Rowan D. Williams
In a spiritually sensitive culture, then, it might well be that age is something to be admired or envied.
Rowan D. Williams
A flourishing, morally credible media is a vital component in the maintenance of genuinely public talk, argument about common good.
Rowan D. Williams
Friendship is something that creates equality and mutuality, not a reward for finding equality or a way of intensifying existing mutuality.
Rowan D. Williams
So every creative act strives to attain an absolute status; it longs to create a world of beauty to triumph over chaos and convert it to order.
Rowan D. Williams
Keeping our eyes on journey's end is what we need - the place where we see at last the world that is greater than the world, the new creation that cannot be contained in present thought or social order or piety.
Rowan D. Williams
The question, 'How can you believe in a God who permits suffering on this scale?' is therefore very much around at the moment, and it would be surprising if it weren't - indeed it would be wrong if it weren't.
Rowan D. Williams

Rowan D. Williams Biography

Born: June 14, 1950

Rowan D. Williams is an Anglican bishop, poet and theologian and current Archbishop of Canterbury.

Notable Works

After Silent Centuries (1994)
Writing in the Dust
The Dwelling of the Light
Grace and Necessity
Wrestling with Angels (2007)