The History of Ideas

After studying the history of ideas for years, both in the university and on my own free time, I've come to the somewhat anti-climactic yet lucid conclusion that ideas are rather powerful.

They have the capacity to create and destroy, to illumine or to confuse, to uplift or to repress, to instigate hate or to inspire love. They can lead us into a better future or set us up for darker times.

In this wisdom archive of iPerceptive, we'll explore the most potent and fascinating ideas that mankind has originated and developed, which in turn have shaped history. Hopefully through this exploration of the history of ideas we'll end up understanding ourselves (the human condition) and our world (nature, society, reality, existence) better.

Moreover here at iPerceptive we'll focus more on the actual content and significance of the ideas rather than the contextual origins of the ideas, though they will of course be covered as well.